Window Washing And Weather Conditions

May 23 2019
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The weather in New York can change radically from bright sunshine to rain. Meanwhile, window-washing needs don’t change from season to season. When it comes to commercial window cleaning NY, you may need the services rain or shine.

Professional commercial window cleaners learn how to work in all kinds of situations. When you see the weather outside worsening, it doesn’t mean you have to cancel the appointment. The majority of weather conditions don’t interfere with the cleaning process.

  1. Window Cleaning In The Rain

Professional window washers love working in the rain. The reason is simple; rainwater is much cleaner than tap water so it leaves fewer streaks and makes the job easier. The reason why your windows usually look dirty after the rain doesn’t have anything to do with the rain itself.

The dirt stuck on the glass and windowsills is diluted by the clean water and leaves streaks. However, if the window cleaners do their job when it’s raining, you get a spotless glass.

So if you see rain in the forecast, don’t call the company to cancel the cleaning. In fact, washing windows before or during the rain is much better than after it.

  1. Window Cleaning In The Snow

Working in the snow is just as useful as working in the rain for all the same reasons. However, snow can be different. If there is a snowstorm coming, we will cancel the appointment. The same is true for freezing conditions.

Working in freezing temperatures may be hazardous with the water freezing in the hoses while creating slippery surfaces. Thankfully, it’s rarely terribly cold in NY so not too many appointments get cancelled.

  1. Window Cleaning In The Wind

The wind is one of the hazards window cleaners often face. You have to be ready for an appointment cancellation in case the winds are strong. Strong winds can lead to injuries and falls so there is no need to take the risk.

Strong winds cause lack of tool control by the window cleaners, resulting in property damages and injuries. It’s always better to reschedule if strong winds are in the forecast.

  1. Window Cleaning In The Sun

It may seem as if cleaning the windows in the sun should be fun. It is, but only when the sun isn’t shining directly at the window. Direct sunshine dries the water and cleaning solutions quickly, leaving unwanted streaks.

So make sure to let the cleaners know which way your windows are facing so they schedule a window cleaning NY at the right time of the day.

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