aerial lifts

Such lifts are easy to operate and reach various heights. They come in different types, and we use truck-mounted lifts that can easily move between different projects or locations. Our lifts are operated only by certified driver-operators.



Professional Rope Access (PRA) and Rope Descent System (RDS) allows professionals to quickly and safely reach even the most difficult areas of any structure or building façade. Generally, a two-rope system is employed: a work line supports the worker and the safety line provides back-up fall protection.


bmu & davits

A building maintenance unit (BMU) is a remote-controlled, or mechanical device, usually installed and suspended from the roof, whicj moves along the surface of a structure while carrying window cleaners.


WFP/Water Fed Pole

A pole system consists of a telescopic pole with a brush or several brushes attached to it. It is used for accessing the heights of up to seventy feet. Pure water is pumped up through poles, which allows scrubbing and rinsing away any type of dirt and grime on windows.


From inside of the premises

Certain buildings and windows are designed to be done from the inside of the apartments. Safety measures like doorstoppers, window cleaning hooks, etc. are used to help window cleaners when Clients do not want any exterior work, or it's more cost-effective. Our Residential Department has an outstanding record and experience justified by 500+ google reviews and counting.



Greenhouse cleaning

Owners of greenhouses are obliged to ensure the purity of glass structures, regardless of the season. Greenhouse cleaning allows you to get rid of various pollution - bird droppings, dirt, dust, etc. caused by atmospheric factors. To get rid of unnecessary troubles, you should use the services of a professional cleaning company. BIG APPLE is one of the best in the industry, as well as a reliable partner. We have been providing services for many years, and we hold a leading position among many competitors. Our company cooperates with individuals and legal entities, and will perform cleaning works, both small domestic greenhouses and large industrial structures. Customers of New York City, as well as other major cities, can order cleaning of greenhouses from us:

  • - after construction, repair work;
  • - initial (actual for new clients).
Not only dust and dirt, but also oxide/mineral deposits, hard water stains, oxides and calcium deposits are removed during washing. Our washers are qualified specialists who will perform work of any complexity.Our company offers the most favorable prices for greenhouse cleaning, a wide range of additional services, operative, qualitative performance of cleaning, washing of glasses, facades.

Skylight cleaning

Dormer windows and glass roofs provide maximum penetration of natural light into the room. Professional skylight cleaning, on which the cleaning company BIG APPLE specializes, will effectively get rid of:

  • - dusts;
  • - dirt;
  • - mineral/oxide deposits;
  • - stains from hard water;
  • - calcium deposits;
  • - other contaminants.
We have been providing our services for a long period of time, and we are a reliable partner providing high quality services. Our team of specialists includes only experienced, qualified washers who will perform all types of work, regardless of the complexity of the tasks. Dormer windows are cleaned using innovative technology, professional cleaning tools, certified environmentally friendly, safe means. Skylight maintenance is carried out at a convenient time for customers. The advantages of cooperation with our company include favorable prices for cleaning of dormer windows, prompt execution of works. In addition to window cleaning, we can also order the restoration of glass surfaces, which involves removing scratches, restoring the attractive appearance of glass.

Storefront retail services

With large areas of glazing, it is very difficult to maintain cleanliness yourself. This issue is especially acute with glass showcases of retail outlets. Storefront retail services allow to get rid of dust, dirt, mineral deposits and oxidation settling on the external surface of shop windows in time. You can order this service in the cleaning company BIG APPLE. We are professionals in this field. During its long existence on the cleaning market, our services have been used by a huge number of clients - both individuals and legal entities. The complex of works on cleaning of trade showcases consists of:

  • - Regular glass cleaning (annual, biannual, quarterly);
  • - washing of showcases after repair, construction works;
  • - removal of oxides, stains from hard water, calcium deposits;
  • - special services, including removal of mineral or oxide deposits, restoration of glass surfaces.
For new customers, we provide a service such as initial window cleaning, with the removal of old or heavy soiling. One of our activities is also insulation. Our company is a reliable partner, providing storefront retail services of high quality at favorable prices. All works are performed promptly, at a convenient time for the client.

Regular / Maintenance wash


Annual, twice per year or quarterly window cleaning service. The purpose of cleaning — light dirt removal.

Initial wash (soft)


The purpose of cleaning — heavy or aged dirt removal. First / Initial cleaning in Maintenance Cycle.

Post construction wash

Special service. The purpose of cleaning — construction or aged dirt / residue removal from the windows.

Metal And Facade Cleaning


Special cleaning and restoration service. The purpose of cleaning — removal of oxidation / mineral buildups from the facade surface.


Caulking services

We will assess your building, look around every window, and if we find anything, take pictures before and after and recaulk/reseal that spot. Also, we can take photos and videos of an entire drop, and it could be used to determine façade integrity and scope of work for FISP repairs. Caulking can be a small job with tremendous results.

Pressure wash

Is the use of high-pressure water spray to remove loose paint, mold, grime, dust, mud, chewing gum and dirt from surfaces and objects such as buildings, vehicles and concrete surfaces.

Solar Panels Cleaning (Washing) in NYC

1 ‐ 2 times per year

If you can see a thick film accumulated on your panels or notice a drop in efficiency, it might be time for a wash.

Glass restoration

Restoration service. The purpose of service — hard water stains / oxidation / mineral buildup/ scratches removal.