Window Cleaning


Low rise (5-12 story) and midrise (12-30 story) buildings window cleaning is our specialty, but we love the challenge of large and complicated projects.


Annual, biannual or quarterly window cleaning service. Purpose of cleaning dirt removal. This is the most basic window cleaning service. We apply cleaning solution on a glass surface to loosen the dirt. Then, we use a professional rubber squeegee to remove the dirty water from the glass. For perfect results, we also use leather chamois for touch ups (no water run offs, streaks or smudges are left on a glass). Frames are wiped. Glass scraping is not included.

If the building hasn’t been cleaned for over 2 years, an initial window cleaning service/double wash might be needed. It means that besides regular wash, we might have to use steel wool or glass scrapers occasionally and double wash the glass to make it clean. Price? 20% extra to the cost of regular wash.

All new buildings and buildings where façade renovations, (like painting, waterproofing, masonry, etc.) work was done can require post construction window cleaning. For perfect results we provide special chemicals applications, glass scraping and double wash . It is a labor intensive process and there is a risk of glass scratching. Price varies depending on the level of contamination and access complexity. The cost is usually 50-100% higher than regular wash.

If calcium build ups/stains need to be removed from the glass, so called acid wash is required. This process is quite complicated, labor intensive and requires professional expertise. Pricing depends on multiple factors. Usually 100-200% extra to the cost of a regular wash.


  • BMU and Permanent Davit’s System. These methods are perfect for buildings over 25-30 stories high, but make no economic sense for low-rise and mid-rise buildings.
  • RDS is the easiest and most affordable access method if you use it correctly. However, it is not legal for some applications.
  • Aerial lifts. Great for low-rise and mid-rise buildings. No liability. No disturbance for everyday life. No supervision.
  • Access from the inside of the building. If you open windows, we can provide cleaning by gaining access to the glass from the inside of the building. Notify tenants of the upcoming cleaning and must provide access to their apartments. Cleaning starts from top to bottom, 1-3 floors per day. Great method for buildings with windows that open. Residential specialists must do the work.

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Window cleaning is a pretty straightforward process the more effort you spend, the better the results. Please remember, that the fastest way to achieve best price is to cut corners – on safety and quality. Safety and quality takes time.

An insurance policy with real coverage is pricey. Usually it is about 10% of the price. Saving on insurance isn’t a good option. Please take a moment and call the insurance broker, that you will find on the COI that the vendor provides. Make sure the policy is not janitorial and it covers exterior window cleaning on unlimited heights.

The better and more experienced the labor is the better the results. High-rise window cleaning requires a lot of courage, training and self-discipline. Acquiring and keeping motivated labor has become more art rather than science.

All scaffolds that had been installed permanently (BMU, davit systems) are less expensive and make window cleaning easy. Though, they require expensive initial investment. It also bares annual maintenance, inspection and certification costs ($15,000-25,000). RDS use is also quite inexpensive, but is not always legal in NYC. Cutting edge technology is often an answer for buildings up to 250-300 tall. It’s not just 100% legal and competitively priced, but also takes off ANY liability from the building manager and owner, because the process does not require any building amenities or structure. We park the truck lift on the street and the job is done with no disturbance to everyday lives of tenants and building personnel.

These 3 factors are last, but not least important. Make sure you are completely clear on a work plan, logistics and schedule of work. 2 people can do the same project that 6 people can in a week. It’s your call and preferences.

Not sure which solution fits your needs? Please give us a call and our representatives will consult you to best serve your needs!