4 Simple Post Construction Cleaning Tips

November 20 2018
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Taking care of a commercial building after construction may seem like a tough job. Ordering a  professional window cleaning Manhattan may not be the only solution. If you would like to save money while keeping your building clean, you may want to take advantage of a few post construction cleaning tips.

  1. Take Out The Garbage

The first thing you have to do after the construction is over is take out the garbage. Most of the construction companies remove large pieces of garbage on their own. However, leftovers are hard to avoid. Look for small things, such as pieces of plastic, screws, nails, bolts, and more. Once you pick the garbage up, don’t store it in the corner. Take it outside. If you leave it until the cleaning is over, shuffling the dirt may nullify your efforts.

  1. Order Professional Window Cleaning

The only professional assistance you may require is window cleaning Manhattan. No matter how well you think you can take care of your windows, this job better be left up to the experts. A professional window cleaner can deal with your windows at a fraction of a time and achieve excellent results. Cleaning windows is a dangerous task. If you have to climb anything to reach your windows, be it a chair or a ladder, you are at a risk of falling. Meaning, it’s inadvisable to ask your employees to do the job. Call a window cleaning company instead.

  1. Clean The Lights

Lighting fixtures suffer the most from construction work. They are always dusty and dirty after the workers leave. Turn the electricity off, take out the bulbs, and clean the lamps thoroughly. After you are done with the lights, you may need to replace the bulbs altogether since washing them may substantially decrease their lifespan. Companies that offer window cleaning Manhattan often agree to deal with glass surfaces, including lights. So if you are ordering a window cleaning session ask about the fixtures.

  1. Check The Closets And Drawers

If you had any furniture inside the building during the construction process, make sure to open all cabinets and drawers to check for dust and dirt. Even if the furniture was covered, dust may have made its way inside. If you open the drawers after the post construction cleaning is over, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise.

  1. Change The Filters

Your HVAC system is highly sensitive to dusty and dirty construction work. Consider changing the filters as part of your post construction cleanup to ensure fresh air circulation. If you think you need ductwork cleaning, opt for professional assistance.