Window Cleaning Information For Property Managers

May 23 2019
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As a property manager, you probably have a few questions about window cleaning. No matter how big the property is, you have to set up a cleaning schedule to keep it in proper condition. Even though you have many details to pay attention to, window cleaning is one of the most important parts of your job.

How often should you clean the windows? How can you minimize the costs of window cleaning without getting complaints from the tenants? What should be considered when drafting a window-cleaning schedule?

The first thing property managers need to understand is how NOT washing their windows can affect the building. The lifespan of commercial windows can dramatically decrease without annual or biannual cleanings.

Over time, dirt, dust, and debris settle on the glass, making it fragile. Hard water stains eventually make the glass impossible to clean and hinder is integrity. When windows aren’t washed for a long time, the transparency suffers.

Avoiding window cleaning doesn’t just make it tough to see through a window, it can make you miss such problems as mold formation and drafts. The majority of window cleaning companies inspect the windows and glass while cleaning to tell you if some problem needs your attention.

Problems with window frame integrity and mold formation can turn into unexpected expenses and health problems for the tenants. Clean windows don’t just improve the overall appearance of the property, they save money on energy bills by allowing natural light to shine through.

When To Schedule A Window Cleaning Service

Depending on the type of your property, you need to set up a schedule. Many window cleaning companiesoffer discounts to regular customers. So if you are satisfied with a company’s work, it’s better to come up with a cleaning schedule immediately to get a discount.

  • Office building– need to clean windows at least biannually. Buildings facing busy streets may need seasonal cleanings.
  • Retail stores– require window washing at least once a month. It’s vital to keep glass storefronts squeaky clean to improve customer flow. Low traffic shops can have windows washed every 2 to 3 months.
  • Healthcare facilities– need windows cleaned at least once a month to ensure a proper sterile environment.

When setting up a window maintenance schedule, as a property manager, you should also consider the type of business, its location, season, weather, landscaping, and several other factors. You can get schedule recommendations from your window cleaning company.

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