Why You Should Consider Purchasing Double -Paned Windows

May 23 2019
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When you are considering window replacement or thinking about windows for the new building, you are often faced with the choice between single- and double-paned windows. Manufacturers claim that double-paned windows add to the property value while helping you save money on energy bills.

While it doesn’t matter for window washers which windows to deal with, we decided to take a closer look at the double-pane options. In an average American building, about 25% of energy loss is due to improperly installed or maintained windows. Can double panes save the day?

Advantages of Double-Paned Windows

Double-paned windows come with numerous advantages, from saving money to lowering the carbon footprint.

  • Lower energy expenses– in NY, double-paned windows can reduce the energy use by about 20% in the winter and 15% in the summer. So even though such windows are more expensive, they save money in the long run.
  • Other technologies available– double-paned windows are suitable for adding other energy-saving technologies. The best models come with options, which can cut the energy use by an impressive 50 percent.
  • Saving the environment– while you are saving money on energy bills, you are also reducing the carbon footprint by creating fewer greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Noise benefits– such windows don’t just keep the cold and heat out, they reduce the noise, which is highly important for office buildings facing a busy street.


Disadvantages of Double-Paned Windows


  • Full upgrade – If you want to upgrade just one window, replacing single panes with double panes won’t bring you all the benefits of double-paned windows. In order to get the full advantage, you have to replace all the windows in the room or office.
  • Higher price – In order to provide all the above-mentioned benefits, double-paned windows are equipped with special technologies. They come at a higher price that other window types.
  • Possible problems – If a low-quality double-paned window is installed, you may have to deal with humidity and mold in between the panes. Unfortunately, even the most experienced window washers can’t remove the dirt inside the window so it would need to be replaced.

Single-paned windows shouldn’t be overlooked entirely. They are an excellent choice for outside building, sheds, and interior decorative purposes. You can use them for commercial properties, where energy savings and noise isolation are not highly important.

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