When Should You Take Down Christmas Decorations?

May 23 2019
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You’ve spent a substantial amount of time and effort decorating your commercial property. You’ve hired a company to do professional window washing NY to get windows and storefronts ready for the season. Now that the holidays are about to be over, you are facing the question of when to remove the decorations.

Looking bright and festive is great. But overdoing the holiday stuff can do you a disservice. In order to make your property appealing to the customers after the holiday season, you need to follow a few simple rules. One of them is taking the decorations down timely. So when is the right time to do it?

Before The New Year Comes

Some people believe that all decorations, including the Christmas tree, should come down on 31stDecember. Such a tradition has to do with a superstition.

The superstition states that you need to take the Christmas tree down on New Year’s Eve before the midnight bells toll. Otherwise, you’ll be caring all the bad luck from the past year to the new one.

Today, not that many people are superstitious, so commercial property owners rarely take the Christmas trees and decorations down that early.

On The Twelfth Day Of Christmas

Traditionally, American families remove their Christmas trees and pack up the decorations on the 12thday of Christmas. This practice dates back many centuries. Removing the Christmas decorations on January 6this associated with Epiphany.

Epiphany celebrates the date when the Three Kings proclaimed Jesus the son of God. Between the birth and epiphany (manifestation in Greek), twelve days have passed.

On Candlemas

Those, who enjoy hanging on to the decorations a little longer, can take them down on Candlemas. This tradition is even older than the one dictating decoration removal on Epiphany.

Candlemas is celebrated 40 days after Jesus was born. It commemorates the ritual purification of Mary as well as the showing of baby Jesus to God at the Temple of Jerusalem.

So which one is it? 31stDecember, 6thJanuary or 2ndFebruary? Even though it’s up to the property owner to decide, the best bet is to remove the decorations on 6thJanuary. That’s the time the majority of people do it in the USA.

After removing the decorations, it’s important to arrange a post-holiday cleanup. If you’ve had decorations up on your glass windows and doors, invest in professional window washing NY.

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