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Solar panels cleaning



Solar panels cleaning

Solar panels are an innovative source of clean energy. They are installed on the roof or are a separate installation in the open air. Efficient operation of solar power plants will only be effective if the surface of the panels will be regularly cleaned. Independent solar panels cleaning in a private home is not always of high quality, for lack of the right equipment and knowledge. And it is impossible to perform this procedure at large scale objects without the help of professionals at all. BIG APPLE cleaning company specializes in cleaning solar panels, and we are a reliable partner, providing customers with high quality services at competitive prices as well:
  • - operative washing of panels without violating the integrity of the surface;
  • - use of innovative technology, modern tools;
  • - panel cleaning with the use of special environmentally friendly, safe means;
  • - visiting the facility at a convenient time for the client.
If you find that the solar panels formed a thick film, noticed a decrease in their efficiency, solar panels washing should be done as soon as possible. For quality work of solar panels it is recommended to clean them once or twice a year.
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