Regular / Maintenance wash



Regular / Maintenance wash

Giving the building an attractive appearance allows such a service as window cleaning. Cleaning the windows from dirt ensures that enough natural light penetrates into the room. High-quality window maintenance is performed by the cleaning company BIG APPLE. We have been specializing in this type of service for many years. Our main direction - cleaning windows of low-rise buildings (from 5 to 12 floors), in buildings of average height (from 12 to 30 floors). But we will also perform cleaning of windows of high-rise commercial buildings. Professional home window maintenance as well as high-rise multi-storey commercial objects are performed by qualified cleaners. Thanks to many years of experience, we can perform any work, regardless of its complexity. Our company BIG APPLE window maintenance is the only one on the market that provides quality cleaning services at a reasonable price. During the works we use modern equipment, innovative, safe for people, environmentally friendly cleaning agents. The windows are cleaned with the help of air, tracked elevators - spiders installed on trucks (their height is 92 - 300 feet). Water is sprayed under high pressure, which allows gently remove dust, mud deposits from the surface of windows.

What is included in the package of services

Clients of New York, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan and other major cities can order window maintenance services by leaving a request on our website for feedback. Our services include:
  1. - Window Cleaning. 
  2. - Maintenance service.
Regular window cleaning involves annual cleaning, cleaning twice a year, as well as quarterly cleaning. The main purpose of this type of work is to easily remove dirt from windows. Maintenance consists of acid washing (special cleaning), initial washing. During the acid washing, stains left from hard water as well as calcium deposits are removed. Initial washing is a service intended for new customers. During the initial washing, old, heavy dirt is removed from the surface. Our company is customer-oriented in providing services. We guarantee quality results, operative execution of works. The clients of our company are a huge number of both individuals and large corporations. Reviews can be found on the site, also here is a price with the current prices. 
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