Pressure wash



Pressure wash

In the process of operation, particles of dirt, dust settle on the external surface of facades and glasses, oxidation and mineral deposits remain, which appear under the influence of external factors. It is impossible to get rid of them on your own, without experience and technique. High-quality pressure washing windows in New York are performed by the cleaning company BIG APPLE, all works are carried out using innovative cleaning technology, modern tools. With the help of water, which is sprayed under high pressure, from concrete surfaces of the walls of buildings, as well as cars and other objects, is effectively removed:
  1. - peeling paint;
  2. - mildew;
  3. - soot;
  4. - dust;
  5. - dirt;
  6. - remnants of chewing gum.
The works on cleaning surfaces of residential and commercial real estate objects are performed by qualified specialists. Availability of many years of experience in the field of cleaning services allows to solve problems, regardless of their complexity. Our company offers favorable prices for professional window cleaning and pressure washing, prompt service, departure to the object at a convenient time for the client, providing a guarantee. Individuals and legal entities can order the service of pressure washing.
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