Post construction wash



Post construction wash

After the repair, construction work, at the facility remains a huge amount of debris, and the first thing to do is to clean the windows. Post construction window cleaning will be performed by BIG APPLE company in a qualitative and operative manner. We are the only supplier of a wide range of professional cleaning services of high quality at reasonable prices, with the provision of warranty. At a time convenient for the customer, our cleaners will perform:
  • - window cleaning;
  • - cleaning of facades of buildings.
Our team consists of specialists with years of experience in the field of cleaning services, who will perform a range of works, regardless of their complexity. We offer window cleaning after construction works in low-rise buildings (5 - 12 floors), medium-rise buildings (12-30 floors), as well as in high-rise skyscrapers. Work is carried out using modern equipment - air, tracked elevators - spiders, the height of which is from 92 to 300 feet, mounted on trucks. Dirt, dust from windows are carefully removed due to the fact that water is sprayed under high pressure. Post construction window cleaning prices are specified in the price posted on our company's website. Also here you can find feedback from our customers, leave a request for window cleaning after construction.
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