Initial wash (soft)



Initial wash (soft)

Clean windows, facade, showcases - the visiting card of any residential, commercial real estate object. The appearance of the building, customers, partners or guests have a first impression, so it must be impeccable. One of the first stages in the service cycle is initial washing (soft). The purpose of this procedure:
  • - removal of heavy soiling;
  • - removal of old contaminants.
Initial washing may be periodic or on call, or it is a service for new customers to get to know our company. It is a gentle cleaning of glass surfaces, using professional cleaning tools, innovative technique. The surfaces are cleaned with certified, environmentally friendly, safe means. Initial wash (soft) is carried out for small buildings from 5 to 12 floors, medium height from 12 to 30 floors, as well as high-rise skyscrapers. Since we cooperate with individuals and legal entities, these can be residential buildings or commercial objects. Quality initial window cleaning in New York will be performed by our professional cleaning company BIG APPLE. We are a leader in this field, all works are performed by experienced craftsmen, regardless of their complexity, with the provision of warranty.
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