Glass restoration



Glass restoration

Cleaning the external surface of glasses not only from dust, dirt, but also from complex dirt - the process is very time-consuming, which can not be performed independently. The best professional company in the field of cleaning services is BIG APPLE, one of our activities is glass restoration. Restoration work involves renewing the glass surface, removing scratches that occur during operation. By contacting us for help, your windows or glass facade will again become attractive in a short period of time. We:
  • restore the original appearance of glass;
  • renew the surface;
  • consolidate the achieved result.
In addition to restoring the original appearance of ordinary glass, our specialists perform stained glass restoration, which have no opening sashes. We have craftsmen with many years of experience in this field, who use the latest technology, specializing in surfaces of all types. That is why all works in New York, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx and other major cities are carried out qualitatively, operatively, irrespective of the degree of complexity of restoration works. One of the advantages of cooperation with BIG APPLE is providing a guarantee for the work performed. We also offer advantageous prices for glass restoration. The cost of works is calculated for each client individually, based on the degree of surface damage, scope of work, height of the building, the equipment involved, the means used and other factors.

What is included in the service?

Restoration window glass can be ordered from us by both individuals and corporate clients. Our specialists will perform works on restoration of glass appearance for residential and commercial real estate objects. These are low-rise buildings (5 - 12 floors), medium-high buildings (12-30 floors) and high-rise buildings. The work package consists of removal:
  • hard water stains;
  • oxidizing stains;
  • mineral deposits;
  • scratches.
Work is carried out using modern technology, professional tools, effective, environmentally friendly, safe detergents/cleaners. We have an individual approach to each client, the team of specialists leaves at a convenient time for the customer. To order glass restoration you need to fill out a feedback form on the company's website or contact our manager.
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