professional window washing

How To Clean Commercial Property Windows

November 06 2018
professional window washing

Many building owners choose professional window washing to keep their property clean.  The majority of stores with large storefronts and floor-to-ceiling windows needs frequent cleaning. Sometimes, store owners may decide to save money on a professional cleaning and care for windows on their own. An unprofessional approach doesn’t achieve the same results as a professional cleaning. However, it can help windows and storefronts look excellent in between the cleaning sessions. Knowing where to start and how to deal with commercial window washing can help you enjoy the results.

  1. Buy The Supplies

You probably haven’t counted, but a professional window cleaner has an impressive arsenal of cleaning supplies, each one of which serves a special purpose.

  • Cleaning solution- You can either buy one at the store or make on your own.
  • Squeegee – The most important window cleaning tool. Don’t try to save money on that one. A bad squeegee can nullify all your window-washing efforts.
  • Sponge – Consider buying a set of sponges since they wear out fast.
  • Bucket – Any bucket will do.
  • Microfiber cloth – These cloths don’t leave residue and can help you battle streaks.
  • Window scarper – Scrapers deal with tough stains and debris.
  1. Follow A Plan

When you take advantage of professional window washing, the process may seem easy. In reality, it’s rather tough for an amateur. Professional window cleaners spend weeks learning how to clean windows and then years practicing. Here is the simple plan, which isn’t that easy to follow:

  • Mix the cleaning solution with water in the bucket (2:1).
  • Spray the window with the mixture.
  • Use the scraper to remove tough spots. Be careful not to scratch the glass.
  • Dry the glass with a squeegee.
  • Use the microfiber cloth to remove residue solution and streaks.

No matter how simple the process seems, it can take hours or days, depending on how many windows and doors are in your store.

Helpful Window Cleaning Tips For Commercial Property Owners

The following tips can help you achieve the best cleaning results.

  • Don’t clean your windows in direct sunlight in order to avoid streaks.
  • Keep your squeegee blades clean and replace them at the slightest sign of wear.
  • Don’t climb ladders, chairs, tables or other furniture to reach tough spots. If you can’t clean a window without climbing something, don’t do it.
  • Ask a professional window washing company about discounts on regular cleanings.

At Big Apple Window Cleaning, we are always happy to offer you our expertise as well as great deals for regular commercial clients.

professional window washing