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How To Make Your Windows Secure

January 30 2018
professional window cleaning manhattan

Many building owners invest formidable amounts of money in secure doors. However, they often forget about windows. Windows are highly vulnerable to break-ins, especially when simple security rules are ignored. If you think that being located on high floors keeps your windows safe from burglars and weather, you are mistaken. Professional thieves have a number of tricks up their sleeves so burglar proofing the windows is never unnecessary.

  1. Invest In Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is much stronger than regular glass thus making it safer from break-ins. In case the glass does break, the pieces don’t fly around, wreaking havoc. This is especially important when it comes to storefronts with delicate goods. Meanwhile, broken tempered glass doesn’t pose a danger to people around it. If your office is located in a skyscraper, tempered glass is a must-have since it can withstand high wind pressures.

  1. Consider Window Locks

Window locks may not stop the burglars, but they can slow them down. Usually, thieves like to get in and out fast. If they see locks, they may change their minds. When installing locks, make sure all the employees and tenants know how to open them in case of an emergency. When you take advantage of professional window cleaning manhattan, open the locks in advance in order for the process to go smoothly.

  1. Install Grilles Or Bars

If you need to add extra security to your windows, installing grilles or bars is a good way out. They can keep the burglars from getting inside even if they manage to break the windows. Just as with the locks, the bars need to be removable in order not to interfere with the escape in case of an emergency.

  1. Take Advantage of Window Film

Window film has numerous advantages including privacy. By installing window film, you don’t have to worry about criminals peeking inside your windows. This can be an excellent solution for offices. If the glass with window film breaks, it won’t be flying around the room. Instead, the shards will appear stuck to the film. Tinted windows can easily be cleaned by booking a professional window cleaning manhattan.

  1. Light Up Your Property

If your commercial property is located in a questionable area, where security is a must-have, you can keep thieves from breaking your windows by installing extra lighting outside. A well-let-up area can divert criminals from your store.

professional window cleaning manhattan

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