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3 Types Of Window Frames

September 20 2018
professional window cleaning Brooklyn

Choosing the best frames for your windows is a tough task, especially when it comes to commercial properties. While professional window cleaning Brooklyn is available for all windows regardless of the frames, many other factors exist to affect your choice. The quality of glass windows and doors in your store can only be excellent if you opt for the right frames for your needs. Let’s talk about the common frame types available on the market today.

  1. Timber Frames

Windows with timber frames require a high level of maintenance. Even though they don’t need professional window cleaning Brooklyn more often than other types, they require refinishing throughout their lifespan. Meanwhile, timber frames have numerous aesthetic benefits. They offer natural and beautiful appeal for your building. If you want to create a special and warm environment in your store or office, timber frames are the way to go. Timber frames are energy efficient. They keep the heat in and the cold out, thus helping save money on energy bills.

  1. Aluminum Frames

Windows and doors with aluminum frames are a common choice for commercial buildings. Depending on your budget and preferences, you can choose the appearance of your aluminum frame. While it doesn’t create the impression of warmth and luxury as the timber frames do, aluminum framing is highly durable and requires moderate maintenance. Aluminum frames are an excellent choice for low-budget renovation or building projects. They are a great option for slide and lock doors due to their lightness. However, the aluminum has a high thermal conductivity, thus allowing the heat to be lost through windows and doors.

  1. Steel Frames

Steel-framed windows create an excellent aesthetic appearance for commercial buildings. These frames are thinner than timber and aluminum while having a more formidable price tag. Steel frames have a delicate appearance making them a wonderful choice for properties, which need to make an impression on clients. Steel is also highly durable. These frames can be a good option for windows on high-rise buildings, which are subject to strong wind pressure.

Hybrid Options

Sometimes, frame manufacturers offer a hybrid option. Usually, it’s a mix of timber and aluminum. For example, the frame is timber on the inside and aluminum on the outside. Such an option may be a reasonable money-saving solution. However, if the manufacturer offers a material, which is made to look like another, buying it is not a good idea. For example, you may be offered aluminum frames, which look like timber. They may appear excellent in the store but with time, they could start looking downright strange.

professional window cleaning Brooklyn

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