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4 Important Fall Store Maintenance Projects

November 02 2018
Pro window washing

Fall is finally here. Whether you spent your summer traveling or working, your store is probably screaming for attention. If you want to spend your winter without worrying about the integrity of your property, you need to take good care of it in the fall. As December nears, you need to free up a weekend or two to make your store winter-proof. We are sharing a few projects, you may not want to overlook.

  1. Window Washing Can Save Money

Cleaning windows before the winter comes is essential. Even though booking pro window washingis possible all year round, the best time to do it is the fall. Freeing your windows from fallen leaves and debris can allow the sunrays to enter your property. The more sunshine gets through your windows, the smaller energy bills you will face in the winter. Meanwhile, your clients will appreciate the clean appearance of your store. Pro window washingis a quick and safe way to enjoy clean windows all winter long.

  1. Caulking Is Unavoidable

Caulking around windows, siding, doors or any place, which can let the cold in is hard to underestimate. It won’t just save you some money on energy bills but will keep the annoying drafts out of your property. If you want to test your store for drafts, walk around with a lighted incense stick. When you see the smoke blowing, you are near a draft source. Silicone caulk is the best solution due to its flexibility and waterproofness. If you are planning to do any outdoor caulking, hurry. When the temperatures drop below 40°F, caulking is useless.

  1. Clean Gutters Are Essential

Moisture and humidity can ruin a building in just a few months. Most property owners don’t pay attention to gutters timely. Leaving them dirty, in the winter allows the ice to build up and cause damage. Hiring professional gutter cleaners is essential to the integrity of your property. Small store owners prefer to clean gutters on their own. If you decide on a DIY project, make sure you take care of your safety.

  1. Painted Doors Have An Impressive ROI

If you want your building to get a fresh look, paint the door. It takes only a couple of hours to do the job while the rewards last all winter long. Painting in the fall is easy since the weather is mild. Just make sure you do it before the frequent rains begin.

pro window washing