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All About Hard Water Stains

Hard water stains have become a big problem for store owners, whose storefront has a lawn with sprinklers in front of it. Hard water causes white and brown spots, which eventually corrode the glass and lead to storefront replacement.

Preventing hard water stains is impossible since the quality of water is not under your control. However, you can fight them using several techniques. Today, we’ll discuss hard water stains and why they should be removed on a regular basis.

What Is Hard Water?

High mineral levels in the tap water cause water stains. The so-called hard water contains a high concentration of minerals, which in NY are usually magnesium and calcium. Water is a solvent, which easily catches all the impurities. While going through the ground, it takes the minerals with it and brings them to the water processing facilities.

The degree of water hardness is determined by the mineral and trace elements content.

If the water stains are not removed timely, the water permeates the surface, making it almost impossible to remove. In some neglected cases, cleaning is futile, and storeowners end up replacing the glass.

What Problems Does Hard Water Cause?

Hard water is not bad for drinking. However, it can ruin a variety of surfaces, including glass. Hard water creates stains, which are usually white. However, the color may differ depending on the minerals it contains. For example, water with iron content causes brown stains.

When the water hits the glass, nothing seems to be happening. However, when the moisture evaporates, the minerals stay in place, creating unpleasant-looking residue. Hard water stains appear on all types of surfaces. However, they are best visible on the glass and stainless steel.

Why Are Hard Water Stains Hard To Clean?

The minerals, which come from water, don’t just look bad, they interfere with cleaning products, making it hard to eliminate the problem. Low-quality window cleaning solutions have no chances against the hard water stains.

When you try to clean the glass with low-quality solutions, more sediment and debris may form on your windows.

Hard water stains must be removed on a regular basis. Otherwise, the minerals can ruin the surface. Only high-quality cleaning solutions specifically created for hard water stains must be used to remove them.

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Can Dirty Windows Demotivate Your Crew?

How can dirty windows affect people in the office? Do you really need to book commercial pro window washing to boost the productivity? These questions often come to the minds of commercial property owners.
If you speak with office managers, they’ll most likely tell you that employees have to study their computer monitors instead of looking out the window. Meanwhile, it’s the “looking out the window”, which is highly important for the staff’s health.
Work-Related Stress And Clean Windows
Work-related stress is one of the biggest problems for office workers. An average person spends about 35% of his or her life at work. In a majority of cases, this 35% is spent solving tough tasks and worrying about the outcome. That’s why extensive research has been done to find out how to alleviate stress.
One of the ways to reduce work-related stress is to take breaks to enjoy nature. More often than not, people don’t have a chance to take a long walk in the park during their workday so they end up spending about an hour in the stress-free zones. Such zones usually have large windows to help workers enjoy the sunshine. If you fail to wash these windows, the effect is greatly reduced.
Clean Windows And Productivity
Looking out of the office window is often one of the quickest stress-relievers when you are pressed for time. If all the workers see when they lift their head is streaks and dirt, the stress relief won’t be achieved.
Meanwhile, this dirt causes a lack of natural light. Human brain requires natural light and sunshine to function properly. If office workers use artificial lighting all day, some of them may get headaches.
Artificial light, work-related stress and a dirty environment can lead to many unpleasant problems, such as chronic health conditions. While the researchers are working out ideal ways to fight stress and improve the employee productivity, it’s up to the office owners to hire commercial pro window washing specialists.
Clean windows can make a huge difference in the workers’ mood. Meanwhile, they can help you save money on energy bills. Keeping your commercial property clean is a sign that you care about your employees. This type of care helps create a pleasant environment in the workplace. Eventually, such an approach results in a productivity boost, thus giving you an excellent return on investment.

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Do You Need To Clean Solar Panels?

Many people believe that commercial pro window cleaning is necessary. However, the same commercial property owners think that solar panels don’t need their attention. Meanwhile, solar panels require special care from the moment you install them. In fact, you’ll probably see their best performance the day you use them for the first time.
The reason why solar panels lose their efficiency down the road is dirt. Just like windows, solar panels are exposed to a variety of weather elements as well as other contaminants produced by the exhaust. Dust and dirt settle on the solar panels and block the sunlight, thus reducing the efficiency of the panels and hurting your savings.
You may think that cleaning solar panels on your own is simple since they don’t need to be as streak-free as the glass. However, climbing the roof is a dangerous task. Meanwhile, the absence of experience and special knowledge may render your efforts useless. The best solution is to hire a professional solar panel cleaner.
Thankfully, solar panels, which are installed at an angle don’t require frequent cleaning. Rain is a natural solar panel cleaner so you don’t have to worry about seasonal cleanings. It’s sufficient to wash the panels once a year.
However, when it comes to flat panels, you are out of luck. Rain can’t do a proper job washing the grime away from the panels. They will accumulate pools of water, which don’t have a place to go. With time, leaves, branches, and other dirt will fall into these pools cause the panel to stop doing its job. So if you have flat solar panels, consider cleaning them at least once in 6 months.
Installing solar panels isn’t a cheap endeavor. However, they save formidable amounts of money in the long run. New York is one of the best states for using solar energy. The electricity costs are among some of the highest in the USA. Meanwhile, your business can enjoy some tax incentives for going solar. Eventually, even if you factor the professional solar panel cleaning into the cost, you can see that these panels are worth the investment.
Whenever you hear someone say that cleaning solar panels is unnecessary, you are probably talking to someone, who hasn’t owned them long enough. Whenever you are ordering a commercial pro window cleaning, consider booking a solar panel cleaning session as well.

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5 Advantages Of A Glass Storefront

“Everything that is made beautiful and fair and lovely is made for the eye of one who sees,” – Rumi
When you are designing your commercial building, you have many things to think about. One of them is a glass storefront. Glass storefronts are very popular in New York. However, their installation and maintenance don’t seem cheap. Why should you choose the glass storefront for your business? Let’s find out.
1. Attract New Clients
Glass storefront gives your potential customers a chance to take a peek. The majority of people would walk by the store even if it has a bright “Amazing Buy” sign on the door. Because they can’t see what is inside. Meanwhile, a glass storefront offers them a chance to study the item of their dream. The right products on the glass storefront can attract more clients than advertising.
2. Show Your Unique Style
Everyone knows that a gift wrapper is often more important than the gift itself. With a glass storefront, you have a unique chance to demonstrate the wrapper for free. The way you arrange your products and show them to the potential clients can boost your sales. People love a beautiful wrapper. Give it to them!
3. Heighten Your Security
Sounds strange? In fact, some glass is very strong. It can prevent breaking and entering better than some metal doors. Meanwhile, the majority of thieves would avoid breaking into the store, in which they’ll be visible to the passerby.
4. Beautiful Exterior
A glass storefront with colorful products inside is much more attractive than a simple wall, even if it’s decorated. Such storefronts allow you to change the store’s exterior on a regular basis, making it appealing to different groups of people. Solid storefronts don’t do such a great job catching the customer’s attention as their glass counterparts do.
5. Glazing Option
You can choose to use storefront glazing, which will reduce your energy bills. In fact, there are many ways to customize your storefront in order for it to have exciting benefits.
The key to enjoying all the advantages of a glass storefront is keeping it clean. At Big Apple Window Cleaning (commercial professional window cleaning new york), we have experts, who can maintain your glass storefront on a regular basis. Don’t lose the benefits due to the dirty and streaky glass. Schedule regular window cleanings today.
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Why Rope Access Window Cleaning Is The Right Choice

Large building maintenance often involves substantial expenses. The main reason is work, which needs to be done at certain heights. This usually involves window cleaning and façade repair. Using building maintenance units is expensive. Meanwhile, erecting scaffolding or installing cradle systems is time-consuming. The rope access method can help you avoid many expenses and efforts while providing an opportunity to have clean windows and excellent-looking facades in no time.
Is Rope Access Window Cleaning Safe?
When done by professionals, rope access window cleaning is absolutely safe. The new techniques allow window-cleaning teams to take full advantage of the rope descent systems without any risks. In order to follow the guidelines while ensuring the clients’ peace of minds, respectable window cleaning companies have full employees’ and public liability insurance.
As opposed to scaffolding and other methods, rope access cleaning causes almost no business disruption while allowing you to enjoy quick results.
What Are The Benefits of Using Rope Access Methods For Window Cleaning?
• Cost-Effectiveness – rope access methods are much less expensive than scaffolding, cradle, and BMU use.
• Safety – rope descent systems provide some of the best safety stats.
• Minimal disruption – business can proceed as usual while window cleaners use ropes to do their work.
• Excellent results – Rope access methods allow window cleaners to get very close to the windows. Thus, helping them get the best results.
• Time saving – Putting the window cleaners closer to the windows allows them to do their job faster.
• Peace of mind – Cradle system are at a higher risk of breaking down than rope access methods.
Why Many Businesses Prefer commercial window cleaning companies ny That Use RDS
Rope descent systems allow you to forget about time-consuming and costly window cleaning methods. The results of such window cleaning are very impressive. By choosing companies, which offer rope access window cleaning, building owners invest in high-quality work without breaking the bank.
Challenges Of Rope Access Methods For Window Cleaning
Can you imagine hanging tied to the rope and doing a task, which needs precision? Such window cleaning requires extensive experience and accuracy. Once a worker moves on to another window, coming back is problematic. So the job needs to be done right from the first try.
At Big Apple Window Cleaning, we use rope descent systems to clean the highest buildings in NYC. Our workers receive excellent training to bring you the best results.
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Benefits of Professional Commercial Window Washing In The Spring

The spring is in full swing and you still haven’t ordered a commercial professional window washing session? You may be off the right track. Even if you know all about the commercial window-cleaning schedule, the spring session shouldn’t be overlooked. Many commercial property owners have a list of tough tasks planned for this spring. Some of them can end in a fiasco if the windows are dirty.
When it comes to keeping the building clean, making window washing the first priority in the spring is vital for the following reasons.
• Improving Curb Appeal – window and power washing is essential to attracting new clients this season and not losing the old ones.
• Letting the Sunshine Inside – allowing the sun to shine through the windows is the key to making your property look brighter, larger, and more appealing.
• Keeping the Building Clean – if you are planning an extensive spring cleaning, dirty windows can ruin the results.
• Saving Money on New Windows – Commercial property windows often suffer from the dirt and water much more than residential glass due to heavy building exploitation. Avoiding a spring cleaning can lead to glass replacement. Since glass is a porous material, dirt and contaminants stick and stay inside leading to degradation. Unless cleaned on a regular basis, glass needs to be replaced more often than you think.
Other Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Commercial Building
Even if you order commercial professional window washing for your building, you need to go through with other spring cleaning matters.
• Replacing the HVAC filter can improve the unit’s efficiency and the air quality.
• Dusting and reversing the ceiling fans can bring the cool air down rather than keeping it under the ceiling.
• Cleaning the floors, including the carpets (or removing the carpets for the warm season altogether) can keep the air less contaminated.
Spring is NYC can be very different each year. Thankfully, we usually have more sunshine than rain. Order commercial professional window washing today to enjoy the spring fully.
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How Often Should You Need To Arrange Commercial Professional Window Cleaning?

Commercial property owners have to invest in commercial professional window cleaning on a regular basis. However, the most popular question we hear from these owners is “how often?” While there is a simple answer to this question for residential properties, commercial buildings are a bit more complicated. The best reply is “it depends”. What does it depend on?
Cleaning your commercial property windows doesn’t usually get top priority. However, forgetting to do it may lead to serious consequences. Dirty windows create a negative impression, which may be tough to reverse in the future.
What Does The Commercial Window Cleaning Schedule Depend On?
The below factors can give you an approximate idea of how often you should get the windows cleaned. If you are still at a loss, you can contact our experts at Big Apple Window Cleaning, who can draft a schedule for your property.
• Building location – if your windows are facing a busy street or a highway, you need frequent cleaning sessions.
• Surroundings – if you have old trees surrounding your building, you need frequent cleaning due to the sap splashing on your windows. Trees and bushes can provide various debris.
• Weather – if the season is overly rainy, you’ll need frequent cleaning sessions.
• Building design – the design of some buildings exposes windows to excessive dirt and debris.
What Is The Nature of Your Business?
The type of your business also affects the commercial window cleaning frequency:
• Restaurants, café, fast food venues – require biweekly cleaning due to the overwhelming amount of dirt and grease.
• Retail stores  – require monthly cleanings due to extensive traffic
• Office buildings – unless the building is facing a busy highway or the season is too rainy, you can schedule a cleaning twice a year.
Always check the way your building’s windows look from the outside and inside. Dirty glass can keep the customers from entering your store. Meanwhile, streaky windows can reduce the activity of office workers. Schedule a professional commercial window cleaning today.
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How To Improve Your Building’s Curb Appeal

An ideal curb appeal is important to keeping your business profitable. Your potential customers form their first impression from the way your commercial building looks on the outside. Improving curb appeal can boost your profits. Thankfully, it’s very easy to make some changes without substantial expenses.
1. Pressure Washing
Precipitations, erosion, and age can make the walls of your building look old and downright dirty. An easy way out is to hire a company to do pressure washing. A good wash can make your building appear fresher and younger.
2. Landscape Lighting
People don’t visit the stores that look dark. Not too many clients are ready to dive into unknown. The more lights you add to your landscape, the brighter and more appealing your property will look. Well-lit buildings and premises are one of the keys to attracting customers.
3. Window Cleaning
Your freshly washed and well-lit building can lose all its appeal due to dirty windows. Keeping the windows and glass doors spotless is essential to improving the curb appeal. Besides scheduling seasonal cleanings, you need to hire people to do touch-ups.
4. Tree Trimming
Keeping trees and bushes trimmed adds extra points to the curb appeal of your property. The more greenery you have, the better. However, you need to make sure that it’s low enough so it doesn’t prevent your building from being visible. Overgrown and untidy trees look neglected and make a bad impression.
5. Adding Some Color
When the summer comes, rich green grass and beautiful flowers can make your property look outstanding. However, in the wintertime when the lush colors are gone, your premises may appear dull. Consider adding decorations, lights, and signs to boost the appeal.
6. Repainting and Cleanup
Fresh paint can do wonders for the way your property looks. Parking lot lines often need touchups. The storefront requires freshening up at least once a year.
Keeping the territory clean is vital. Overfilled garbage cans or flying debris can turn the clients away before they even come to the doorstep. commercial window cleaning companies manhattan.
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Why Clean Windows Are Vital For Your Business

Regular office window washing may not be high on your priority list. Scheduling seasonal window cleanings may seem unnecessary as long as the windows look fairly clean. It may seem strange today, but keeping your windows clean can be a big investment in your income tomorrow. Let’s take a look why it’s so important.
1. Overall Appearance
Streaky windows and doors make a bad impression on the clients and keep many of them away. Windows are the eyes of your business. A streaky appearance shows that the owner doesn’t care enough to invest in the business image. Any client, who makes such a conclusion, won’t have anything to do with your company.
2. Professional Approach
When it comes to cutting expenses, window cleaning may seem like something a company can save on. After all, homeowners usually don’t wash their windows more often than twice a year. Why should a company? The problem is that commercial buildings are heavily exploited and require more frequent cleanings.
Crossing regular professional window cleaning ny off your list leads to a murky appearance of your store or office and shows your lack of professionalism.
3. Improved Performance
An average office worker spends a big part of his or her day at a desk. Dirty and streaky windows, which don’t let the sunlight in, can have a negative impact on an employee’s mood. When workers are feeling sad and depressed, their performance suffers. Meanwhile, the lack of sunlight can lead to health problems.
In some companies, the number and size of the windows are used as a way to differentiate power positions. A promotion is often associated with a bigger room and larger windows. Failing to wash these windows nullifies the incentive.
Hiring a window cleaner for your commercial building is simple. The expenses are minimal compared to what you may face if you keep the windows dirty.
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How To Make Your Windows Secure

Many building owners invest formidable amounts of money in secure doors. However, they often forget about windows. Windows are highly vulnerable to break-ins, especially when simple security rules are ignored. If you think that being located on high floors keeps your windows safe from burglars and weather, you are mistaken. Professional thieves have a number of tricks up their sleeves so burglar proofing the windows is never unnecessary.

  1. Invest In Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is much stronger than regular glass thus making it safer from break-ins. In case the glass does break, the pieces don’t fly around, wreaking havoc. This is especially important when it comes to storefronts with delicate goods. Meanwhile, broken tempered glass doesn’t pose a danger to people around it. If your office is located in a skyscraper, tempered glass is a must-have since it can withstand high wind pressures.

  1. Consider Window Locks

Window locks may not stop the burglars, but they can slow them down. Usually, thieves like to get in and out fast. If they see locks, they may change their minds. When installing locks, make sure all the employees and tenants know how to open them in case of an emergency. When you take advantage of professional window cleaning manhattan, open the locks in advance in order for the process to go smoothly.

  1. Install Grilles Or Bars

If you need to add extra security to your windows, installing grilles or bars is a good way out. They can keep the burglars from getting inside even if they manage to break the windows. Just as with the locks, the bars need to be removable in order not to interfere with the escape in case of an emergency.

  1. Take Advantage of Window Film

Window film has numerous advantages including privacy. By installing window film, you don’t have to worry about criminals peeking inside your windows. This can be an excellent solution for offices. If the glass with window film breaks, it won’t be flying around the room. Instead, the shards will appear stuck to the film. Tinted windows can easily be cleaned by booking a professional window cleaning manhattan.

  1. Light Up Your Property

If your commercial property is located in a questionable area, where security is a must-have, you can keep thieves from breaking your windows by installing extra lighting outside. A well-let-up area can divert criminals from your store.