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Foggy Or Dirty: How To Save Your Windows

Many owners of commercial property with double pane windows start noticing a strange effect. Their windows are fogging up. Usually, they believe that the cause is a dirty window. However, the reason for the windows becoming foggy is hardly the lack of professional window washing Manhattan. The problem is much more serious. It includes high outdoor humidity levels in the winter or summer as well as a lack of airtightness. If you have single pane windows, they are more likely to fog up than double pane windows. The rate of transfer through one pane of glass is much higher so condensation has more chances of forming. While wiping a single pane window seems easy, reaching inside a double pane window is more complicated. The key to dealing with a foggy window is identifying the problem. Try to wipe the window on the inside. If that doesn’t help, do it on the outside. If neither helps, the problem is between the panes. Unfortunately, there is no way to get rid of such condensation other than replacing the glass.

Why Should You Replace A Foggy Window?

Top-quality double pane windows do an excellent job protecting your building for decades before their seals weaken. With the right approach to window washing Manhattan, you don’t have to think about the integrity of such windows. If the seals do break and the fogginess occurs, replacing the windows can:

  • Improve building insulation– double pane windows must provide an excellent barrier to keep the heat and cold out of your property. The small amount of space between the panes slows down the heat transfer. A good building insulation cuts the energy bills.
  • Remove pesky mold– If moisture stays between the panes long enough while the temperatures aren’t too cold, the mold may start forming. Mold doesn’t just look like dirt on your windows, it may pose a health hazard to the building’s occupants.

Replacing the glass may be sufficient in case the window frame is intact. Even the broken seals aren’t the reason for full window replacement. It’s up to you to consult the professionals as soon as you notice fogging between the panes. If you allow the moisture to stay there for a long time and let the mold grow, you may need to replace the whole window.


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Benefits Of Tinted Windows In The Office

You may have heard about property owners opting for tinted windows in the offices. What are the benefits of such an option? Should you consider this solution for your building?

  1. Excellent Appearance

Any property owner strives to improve the appearance of his or her building. Opting for professional window washing New York or hiring gardeners to take care of the territory is just part of the job. Another thing you can do is to have windows tinted. If your building is old, tinting will give it an impressive facelift. A new building can enjoy a modern appearance without a formidable investment.

  1. Additional Security

A tinted window looks excellent from the outside while not allowing the passerby to look inside. Choosing tinted windows can help you prevent thieves from evaluating your property as a potential object of a crime. Tinting can also add safety to the glass. In case it shatters, the shard won’t be flying around the office and potentially harming the workers.


  1. Affordable Privacy

A dark tint can give the office more privacy without investing too much money in the design. You could apply the tinted film on the outside to give the whole building extra privacy or add it to the interior glass. Any room in the building can turn into a private office. Many owners wonder if a tinted window is more difficult to clean. Opting for professional window cleaning New York can help you save time on keeping tinted windows in an excellent condition.

  1. Energy Efficiency

During the hot summer days, a tinted window can keep the sun rays out. Meanwhile, in the winter time, it can keep the heat in. Thus, such a solution can help you cut the energy expenses on maintaining comfortable temperatures in the office.

  1. Improved Comfort

Glaring sun can be quite disturbing for office workers in the summer, especially when the computer monitors are facing the windows. Tinted windows can keep the conditions in the office comfortable. An improved comfort in the office results in better productivity.

  1. Extra Savings

Over time, UV rays have a tendency of causing additional wear to furniture, carpets, and curtains. A tinted window can prevent fading and cracking due to sun rays. Overall, tinted windows are a great solution for building owners, which doesn’t require substantial investments.

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Local Law 11/98: Keeping Your Building’s Façade Safe

If you are a building owner in New York, you know all about Local Law 11/98. It demands the owners of properties over six stories high to inspect exterior walls every 5 years by a qualified exterior wall inspector and report the results to Department of Buildings within 60 days after the check-up. Numerous accidents involving falling bricks and collapsing parapets led to the adoption of such a law twenty years ago. Local Law 10 existed for a while before the 11/98 was passed. However, the requirements were much lighter. The building owners only had to inspect the front façade and side walls up to 25 feet from the street. Since the accidents continued, the law was toughened.   Pieces falling off buildings don’t just hurt the passerby, they pose a danger to building workers, such as façade repairmen or teams doing pro window cleaning.

Equipment For Inspections

Under the Local Law 11/98, the inspection of the building has to be done using scaffolding or observation platforms. This has made it more expensive and time-consuming for the building owners. In order to save time and money, property owners may cooperate with nearby buildings to arrange inspections on the same dates.

Maintaining The Facades

Keeping the façade condition under control involves following a maintenance schedule. A building owner can save money by combining pro window cleaning and minor façade repairs. Many companies, which work with high-rise buildings, offer a wide range of services using a height-access equipment.

Unexpected Repairs

Inspections made compulsory under Local Law 11/98 have been discovering unexpected problems with the New York building façade for two decades. Older buildings may have certain integrity problems, which result in formidable expenses. Such problems often lead to building owners refinancing their mortgage to get money for large repairs. In order to avoid unexpected repairs, companies opt for independent inspections between the official check-ups by qualified wall inspectors. Early detection can save money and problems during the official inspection period.

Getting Ready For The Inspection

If your building is in a mint condition, you may still not be ready for an inspection. Any loose debris hanging around the façade can lead to a bad report. It’s up to you to talk to the tenants and have all the flower pots and other items hanging out of the windows removed. Another trick is to find an experienced inspector, who will not overact to minor problems. Consider finding a firm specializing in façade restorations rather than simply filing inspection reports.

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Assessing The Window Cleaning Hazards On Site

Window cleaner is one of the most dangerous occupations in the United States. Window cleaning projects are especially difficult in such cities as New York, where high-rise building are common. Experts at professional window cleaning NYC follow a certain set of rules in order to stay as safe as possible regardless of the building’s height. While all respectable window washing companies have excellent insurance and a set of safety equipment, the human factor is especially important. That’s why all window washers get special training. Part of it is the right approach to risk assessment. The below steps can help you understand how many things need to be considered for professional window cleaning NYC.

  1. Bad Weather

Weather is something window washers can’t control. So even if you book a window cleaning for a certain date and time, be ready to hear about a cancellation if the weather worsens. Extreme temperatures, strong winds, and inclement conditions are a hazard to a window cleaning team. In NYC, the most common hazard is strong winds since the temperatures are rarely severe.

  1. Dangerous Chemicals

Window washing sometimes requires using a variety of chemicals to deal with tough spots on commercial building windows. It’s important for the window cleaning team to evaluate the hazard these chemicals may pose to their skin, eyes, and respiratory system and wear appropriate PPE.

  1. Falls From Heights

If the working surface is higher than four feet, it poses a hazard to the window cleaner unless equipped with guardrails or other safety means. When working on elevated surfaces, all window cleaners must have proper safety gear. Even if the team is using BMUs or aerial lifts, safety gear is still a must-have. All workers must be taught how to act to prevent falls from heights.

  1. Ladders

Using ladders leads to a formidable number of accidents for window cleaners. When it seems that the height is insignificant, many workers start acting carelessly. It’s important to check the ladder for stability before use.

  1. Electricity

Power lines often become the reason for accidents with window cleaners. Workers forget to look around the site, searching for electrical hazards. It’s import to keep clear of power lines. If the weather is windy, the cleaners need to be ready for the power lines to change the location.

  1. Other Workers

Window cleaners often work in teams. It’s important to keep the other team members in mind when doing the job. One window washer may undermine the safety of another team member by mistake.

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6 Dirtiest Places in Your Office

When you take care of your office building, you usually worry about commercial window washing ny, clean floors, and sparkling bathrooms. However, not many people realize that the dirtiest places in their offices don’t have anything to do with the trash can or the toilet. Commercial window washing ny can bring more sunshine into the office to shine some light on the terribly dirty surfaces, which need your attention.

  1. Water Cooler

As one of the places frequently used by all office workers, the water cooler is filled with unpleasant bacteria. A water cooler is an excellent place for growing bacteria. It has moisture, a rarely cleaned surface, and grease from the workers’ hands. In order to fight the germ invasion, the water cooler surfaces need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

  1. Refrigerator

Forgotten food, dripping containers, moldy fruits, and much more. Bacteria loves such an environment. It thrives inside the fridge, not being afraid of the cold. Eventually, it ends up on the food people eat. Each office refrigerator needs weekly inspections to throw away expired food and clean the unpleasant puddles.

  1. Microwave

An office microwave is often used more than a dozen times per day. Inside you could find pieces of foods, which lie around for months. It’s a perfect place for the bacteria to form. Food, warmth, and moisture inside the microwave create a wonderful environment for harmful bacteria. Eventually, it settles on the food you heat up inside the microwave.

  1. Soap Dispenser

Office cleaners often pay more attention to the toilet than to the soap dispenser. As a result, the toilet seat is cleaner. The number of truly dirty hands that touch that dispenser are overwhelming. Researchers from the University of Arizona found that more than a quarter of office dispensers are covered with fecal bacteria.

  1. Office Desk

The average office desk has half a million times more bacteria than a toilet seat. The dirt accumulating on the desk is rarely removed on a regular basis. It’s up to the office owner to include desk cleaning into the list of the janitor’s responsibilities.

  1. Keyboards

Another place, which is rarely cleaned, is a keyboard. People tend to eat near the keyboard, touch it with dirty fingers, and spill coffee on it. As a result, the bacteria get a comfortable place to reside. The same is true about the mouse. When you book a commercial window washing ny, don’t forget to arrange for full office cleaning as well. Windows are far from being the dirtiest place in your office even if you haven’t washed them in a while. The dirt on them is just more visible.

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4 Simple Post Construction Cleaning Tips

Taking care of a commercial building after construction may seem like a tough job. Ordering a  professional window cleaning Manhattan may not be the only solution. If you would like to save money while keeping your building clean, you may want to take advantage of a few post construction cleaning tips.

  1. Take Out The Garbage

The first thing you have to do after the construction is over is take out the garbage. Most of the construction companies remove large pieces of garbage on their own. However, leftovers are hard to avoid. Look for small things, such as pieces of plastic, screws, nails, bolts, and more. Once you pick the garbage up, don’t store it in the corner. Take it outside. If you leave it until the cleaning is over, shuffling the dirt may nullify your efforts.

  1. Order Professional Window Cleaning

The only professional assistance you may require is window cleaning Manhattan. No matter how well you think you can take care of your windows, this job better be left up to the experts. A professional window cleaner can deal with your windows at a fraction of a time and achieve excellent results. Cleaning windows is a dangerous task. If you have to climb anything to reach your windows, be it a chair or a ladder, you are at a risk of falling. Meaning, it’s inadvisable to ask your employees to do the job. Call a window cleaning company instead.

  1. Clean The Lights

Lighting fixtures suffer the most from construction work. They are always dusty and dirty after the workers leave. Turn the electricity off, take out the bulbs, and clean the lamps thoroughly. After you are done with the lights, you may need to replace the bulbs altogether since washing them may substantially decrease their lifespan. Companies that offer window cleaning Manhattan often agree to deal with glass surfaces, including lights. So if you are ordering a window cleaning session ask about the fixtures.

  1. Check The Closets And Drawers

If you had any furniture inside the building during the construction process, make sure to open all cabinets and drawers to check for dust and dirt. Even if the furniture was covered, dust may have made its way inside. If you open the drawers after the post construction cleaning is over, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise.

  1. Change The Filters

Your HVAC system is highly sensitive to dusty and dirty construction work. Consider changing the filters as part of your post construction cleanup to ensure fresh air circulation. If you think you need ductwork cleaning, opt for professional assistance.

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How To Make Your Retail Store Ready For Customers

Is your retail store ready to receive customers? Most likely, you have plenty of work to be done until you say “yes”. In order for the store to bring as much profit as possible, it should always look excellent. This requires regular and thorough care. You need to do the recovery either after the working hours are over or before you open. Otherwise, the process will interfere with your business. Let’s go deeper into the steps you can take.

  1. Clean The Cash Area

Cash area is the place where customers make payments. Nothing should make them change their minds. It’s also the last thing they see before leaving the store so it should make an excellent impression. Any merchandise lying around the register area must be removed and transferred to its proper location on the sales floor. The appearance of cluttered space is not just unpleasant, it gives thieves an excellent opportunity to take something without being noticed.

  1. Review The Sales Floor

Straightening items all over the store don’t just make it neat and inviting, it keeps the shoplifters at bay. When a thief takes an item and unwraps it, the package is discarded at the nearest empty spot. If you eliminate the empty spots by filling them with merchandise, you make the shoplifter’s job harder. As a result, one of your employees may have a chance to catch the perpetrator. All products should be moved to the front edge of the shelf to create a full appearance. All damaged products and wrappers should end up in the trash. If you sell perishable items, make sure to check the expiration dates on all of them before you open the store.

  1. Clean The Store

Vacuuming and mopping is an integral part of any store recovery procedure. The floors must be sparkling clean and the shelves should be dust-free. You need to pay special attention to windows and glass storefronts. Since window cleaning New York may be complicated, you can hire a professional window cleaner to deal with your glass surfaces. Cleaning windows thoroughly on at least a seasonal basis is important for every store. It’s up to the employees to do daily touchups.

  1. Review The Stock Room

Even though customers don’t see what’s inside the stock room, you need to keep it neat not to delay the sales process. Clean out all work areas, make the merchandise available for transferring to the sales floor, organize all the equipment such as pricing guns, and clean the floors. Regular professional storefront and window cleaning New York coupled with

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How To Clean Commercial Property Windows

Many building owners choose professional window washing to keep their property clean.  The majority of stores with large storefronts and floor-to-ceiling windows needs frequent cleaning. Sometimes, store owners may decide to save money on a professional cleaning and care for windows on their own. An unprofessional approach doesn’t achieve the same results as a professional cleaning. However, it can help windows and storefronts look excellent in between the cleaning sessions. Knowing where to start and how to deal with commercial window washing can help you enjoy the results.

  1. Buy The Supplies

You probably haven’t counted, but a professional window cleaner has an impressive arsenal of cleaning supplies, each one of which serves a special purpose.

  • Cleaning solution- You can either buy one at the store or make on your own.
  • Squeegee – The most important window cleaning tool. Don’t try to save money on that one. A bad squeegee can nullify all your window-washing efforts.
  • Sponge – Consider buying a set of sponges since they wear out fast.
  • Bucket – Any bucket will do.
  • Microfiber cloth – These cloths don’t leave residue and can help you battle streaks.
  • Window scarper – Scrapers deal with tough stains and debris.
  1. Follow A Plan

When you take advantage of professional window washing, the process may seem easy. In reality, it’s rather tough for an amateur. Professional window cleaners spend weeks learning how to clean windows and then years practicing. Here is the simple plan, which isn’t that easy to follow:

  • Mix the cleaning solution with water in the bucket (2:1).
  • Spray the window with the mixture.
  • Use the scraper to remove tough spots. Be careful not to scratch the glass.
  • Dry the glass with a squeegee.
  • Use the microfiber cloth to remove residue solution and streaks.

No matter how simple the process seems, it can take hours or days, depending on how many windows and doors are in your store.

Helpful Window Cleaning Tips For Commercial Property Owners

The following tips can help you achieve the best cleaning results.

  • Don’t clean your windows in direct sunlight in order to avoid streaks.
  • Keep your squeegee blades clean and replace them at the slightest sign of wear.
  • Don’t climb ladders, chairs, tables or other furniture to reach tough spots. If you can’t clean a window without climbing something, don’t do it.
  • Ask a professional window washing company about discounts on regular cleanings.

At Big Apple Window Cleaning, we are always happy to offer you our expertise as well as great deals for regular commercial clients.

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4 Important Fall Store Maintenance Projects

Fall is finally here. Whether you spent your summer traveling or working, your store is probably screaming for attention. If you want to spend your winter without worrying about the integrity of your property, you need to take good care of it in the fall. As December nears, you need to free up a weekend or two to make your store winter-proof. We are sharing a few projects, you may not want to overlook.

  1. Window Washing Can Save Money

Cleaning windows before the winter comes is essential. Even though booking pro window washingis possible all year round, the best time to do it is the fall. Freeing your windows from fallen leaves and debris can allow the sunrays to enter your property. The more sunshine gets through your windows, the smaller energy bills you will face in the winter. Meanwhile, your clients will appreciate the clean appearance of your store. Pro window washingis a quick and safe way to enjoy clean windows all winter long.

  1. Caulking Is Unavoidable

Caulking around windows, siding, doors or any place, which can let the cold in is hard to underestimate. It won’t just save you some money on energy bills but will keep the annoying drafts out of your property. If you want to test your store for drafts, walk around with a lighted incense stick. When you see the smoke blowing, you are near a draft source. Silicone caulk is the best solution due to its flexibility and waterproofness. If you are planning to do any outdoor caulking, hurry. When the temperatures drop below 40°F, caulking is useless.

  1. Clean Gutters Are Essential

Moisture and humidity can ruin a building in just a few months. Most property owners don’t pay attention to gutters timely. Leaving them dirty, in the winter allows the ice to build up and cause damage. Hiring professional gutter cleaners is essential to the integrity of your property. Small store owners prefer to clean gutters on their own. If you decide on a DIY project, make sure you take care of your safety.

  1. Painted Doors Have An Impressive ROI

If you want your building to get a fresh look, paint the door. It takes only a couple of hours to do the job while the rewards last all winter long. Painting in the fall is easy since the weather is mild. Just make sure you do it before the frequent rains begin.

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How To Decorate Your Commercial Property For Halloween

Whether you have a store or an office, Halloween decorations can’t pass you by. The deeper you dive into the holiday fun, the more benefits your business can enjoy. While office workers can often come up with decorations on their own, as a business owner, you may want to consider some façade decor. It can be inviting for the customers and clients as well as boost the workers’ mood. So where should you start with Halloween decorations? Let’s take a look.

Book A Professional Window Washing Session

Commercial window washing NYC is an integral part of any building maintenance. Window cleaning is recommended at least twice a year. For store owners, who need to care for their glass storefronts, the frequency may increase. Professional window cleaning NYC is vital before hanging Halloween decorations. Decorating dirty windows and storefronts will just point the clients’ attention to the streaky glass. As a result, you may lose customers instead of gaining them.

Invest In Paper Bats

Paper bats are easy to make. They look excellent absolutely everyone. Be it the window, the storefront or a nearby tree. You can purchase bats at the Halloween store or make them on your own. Office and store workers are always ready to take a break from work to make paper decorations. You can save money and boost your employees’ mood at the same time.

Pumpkins With Faces

No matter how serious your business is, it can’t celebrate Halloween with pumpkins. Whether you invest in real ones and get them carved according to your wishes or buy plastic copies, they must be present in your building or right outside.

Window Decorations

You’ve invested in commercial window washing NYC. Why not take full advantage of it? Window decorations make the celebration truly special. They can be hung a couple of weeks before Halloween to set up the mood. Just make sure you remove them as soon as the celebration is over. Otherwise, the glue can damage the glass.

Door Decorations

Everyone, who is about to enter your building, should be in a proper mood. Halloween door decorations can do just that and much more. These decorations vary from professionally made bats to funny handmade faces. Even if you aren’t ready to decorate your commercial building for Halloween, buy at least a couple of pumpkins. They can make the atmosphere special.