Foggy Or Dirty: How To Save Your Windows

May 23 2019
window washing Manhattan

Many owners of commercial property with double pane windows start noticing a strange effect. Their windows are fogging up. Usually, they believe that the cause is a dirty window. However, the reason for the windows becoming foggy is hardly the lack of professional window washing Manhattan. The problem is much more serious. It includes high outdoor humidity levels in the winter or summer as well as a lack of airtightness. If you have single pane windows, they are more likely to fog up than double pane windows. The rate of transfer through one pane of glass is much higher so condensation has more chances of forming. While wiping a single pane window seems easy, reaching inside a double pane window is more complicated. The key to dealing with a foggy window is identifying the problem. Try to wipe the window on the inside. If that doesn’t help, do it on the outside. If neither helps, the problem is between the panes. Unfortunately, there is no way to get rid of such condensation other than replacing the glass.

Why Should You Replace A Foggy Window?

Top-quality double pane windows do an excellent job protecting your building for decades before their seals weaken. With the right approach to window washing Manhattan, you don’t have to think about the integrity of such windows. If the seals do break and the fogginess occurs, replacing the windows can:

  • Improve building insulation– double pane windows must provide an excellent barrier to keep the heat and cold out of your property. The small amount of space between the panes slows down the heat transfer. A good building insulation cuts the energy bills.
  • Remove pesky mold– If moisture stays between the panes long enough while the temperatures aren’t too cold, the mold may start forming. Mold doesn’t just look like dirt on your windows, it may pose a health hazard to the building’s occupants.

Replacing the glass may be sufficient in case the window frame is intact. Even the broken seals aren’t the reason for full window replacement. It’s up to you to consult the professionals as soon as you notice fogging between the panes. If you allow the moisture to stay there for a long time and let the mold grow, you may need to replace the whole window.

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