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Our trained height access specialists can provide a variety of basic façade works and repair services while we are working on your building. We also work with most prominent local firms specializing in architecture, engineering, waterproofing, roofing, restoration, cladding, masonry, roofing, glazing and window repair.


These methods are perfect for buildings over 25 stories high, but make no economic sense for low-rise and mid-rise buildings.

Pros: easy access for any façade maintenance or repair work.

Cons: high initial upfront cost (BMU cost and installation, $1-2 mil), and significant annual maintenance, inspection and re-certifications cost ($15,000-25,000 per year); difficult access to negative angled or curved walls; liability is shared between the building owner, BMU manufacturer/installer and the contractor.

RDS is the easiest and most affordable access method for small cleaning, maintenance, inspection and repair projects.

Pros: easy system set up, allows access to the tightest spaces, low cost.

Cons: for some applications, RDS use is not legal in NYC over certain heights, anchor inspections and re-certification is needed (extra cost), liability is shared between the building and contractor.

Great access method for low-rise and mid-rise buildings.

Pros: easy access to any surface of the building facade from street level, great platform stability and wide reach ability corresponds to better productivity and job efficiency, no disturbance of tenants everyday life, no supervision from building staff is needed, no liability for the building owner/manager since no part of building is used for rigging, no initial or annual maintenance/inspection costs.

Cons: access for the aerial platform is not always possible to all areas of the building facade (like back yard); DOT permits – work timing depends on DOT permits stipulations.

One of the most expensive methods in window cleaning. The use of this method makes sense only on large projects (over 1-2 months) or if no other method is available.

Pros: provides access for most facade maintenance or repair work.

Cons: high set up/dismantling cost; roof waterproofing membrane might be damaged, each drop requires new set up and is costly, no flexibility in work process one drop per day (If you need to return to the area which was done 3 days ago a new set up is needed again), low productivity, liability is shared between the building, the rigger and the contractor.

The most expansive height access method. Use of this method makes sense only on large projects (over 2-3 months) or if no other method is available.

Pros: easy access for any façade maintenance or repair work, multiple teams can work at the same time, loading limits allow great productivity.

Cons: high set up/dismantling cost, façade is used for stabilization, liability is shared between the building, the rigger and the contractor.


  • Power washing
  • Glass scratch removal and restoration services
  • Metal cleaning
  • Building Inspections
  • Basic caulking, waterproofing and painting
  • Decorative lights, bulbs replacement and Flag service
  • Banner installations and removals

Not sure which solution fits your needs? Please give us a call and our representatives will consult you to best serve your needs!

Facade maintenance is the key to keeping the commercial building looking good for many years to come. Regular minor repairs coupled with keeping the exterior of the building clean can save a company substantial amounts of money on repair. A new building can look great for years. However, without maintenance, it will deteriorate in less than a decade and require extra expenses. Power washing the facades, Read more...
cleaning the windows, inspecting the building for cracks and other damages doesn’t just save you money in the long run, it boosts profits and improves the output. Do some facades need to be cleaned less often than others? It doesn’t matter whether you have metal, stainless steel, brick, stone or glass surfaces. All of them must be taken care of on a regular basis. Commercial window cleaning Brooklyn has become a compulsory part of each building maintenance. It must be done at least twice a year to avoid glass deterioration and improve the building appearance. Power washing the façade, as well as the areas around the buildings, such as parking lots, is recommended to keep the property looking fresh and avoid material damage. Waterproofing and painting the walls extends their life expectancy and prevents unexpected expenses. Due to the ever-changing weather in NY, waterproofing the facades reduces energy consumption and provides comfortable conditions for the people inside. Meanwhile, commercial window cleaning Brooklyn may not be complete without weather sealing attachment application. Ordering minor façade maintenance services from Big Apple Window Cleaning can help you enjoy a peace of mind. Caring for the building is compulsory regardless of its age. If you’ve just purchased a building and it’s in dire straits, we can offer extensive cleaning services using the top-notch equipment so you can start doing your business immediately. Big Apple Window Cleaning uses the latest equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Whether you need some delicate glass cleaning or thorough building inspections, we are always here to help. We also provide such minor services as banner, decorations, lighting installation and removal. Our team members are trained to work at big heights. Take advantage of our experience! commercial window cleaning Brooklyn. Less..

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