Are You Paying Too Much For Window Cleaning?

April 15 2019

No one wants to overpay. Meanwhile, hundreds of companies in New York do just that. While window cleaning as an integral part of any property care and maintenance, it’s easy to keep its costs to a minimum.

Do you think you are overpaying for window cleaning? Are you looking for ways to cut building maintenance costs? You can take advantage of below information to ensure the best quality services at a reasonable price.

You are paying too much for window cleaning if:

  1. You Are Doing It Yourself

Asking your employees to clean windows may seem like a good money-saving idea. However, window washing requires experience and special skills. While they may be doing a good job washing windows in their homes, your staff can risk their lives trying to do it in a commercial building.

A window cleaner is one of the most dangerous jobs in New York. Making it the responsibility of non-professionals can cost you more than money.

  1. You Aren’t Sticking To A Schedule

It’s important to wash windows on a regular basis in order to achieve the best results. If you fail to wash them every 6 months (at least), you’ll be overpaying for cleaning the next time you hire a professional service to do it.

The longer you put the window cleaning off, the harder it is to achieve excellent results. Meanwhile, dirty windows are more prone to damage. Such an approach can lead to untimely window replacement.

  1. You Don’t Check The Credentials

Hundreds of window cleaning companies exist in New York. But hardly all of them offer ideal services. It’s highly important to check the company’s credentials, read the reviews and see the before and after pictures.

By hiring an inexperienced team, you are likely to need window cleaning services more often than when working with respectable companies.

  1. You Fail To Ask About Insurance

Each established window cleaning company should have a general liability policy. In case it fails to acquire such a policy, you may be held responsible for problems and accidents occurring during the window cleaning process.

Ask the company about its insurance when booking a cleaning. Don’t hesitate to ask to see the policy and check the expiration date

  1. You Don’t Ask For Discounts

The majority of window cleaning companies have special discounts for regular clients. Don’t forget to ask about discounts while booking your next cleaning. You may be pleasantly surprised.