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6 Dirtiest Places in Your Office

November 30 2018
Commercial window washing ny

When you take care of your office building, you usually worry about commercial window washing ny, clean floors, and sparkling bathrooms. However, not many people realize that the dirtiest places in their offices don’t have anything to do with the trash can or the toilet. Commercial window washing ny can bring more sunshine into the office to shine some light on the terribly dirty surfaces, which need your attention.

  1. Water Cooler

As one of the places frequently used by all office workers, the water cooler is filled with unpleasant bacteria. A water cooler is an excellent place for growing bacteria. It has moisture, a rarely cleaned surface, and grease from the workers’ hands. In order to fight the germ invasion, the water cooler surfaces need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

  1. Refrigerator

Forgotten food, dripping containers, moldy fruits, and much more. Bacteria loves such an environment. It thrives inside the fridge, not being afraid of the cold. Eventually, it ends up on the food people eat. Each office refrigerator needs weekly inspections to throw away expired food and clean the unpleasant puddles.

  1. Microwave

An office microwave is often used more than a dozen times per day. Inside you could find pieces of foods, which lie around for months. It’s a perfect place for the bacteria to form. Food, warmth, and moisture inside the microwave create a wonderful environment for harmful bacteria. Eventually, it settles on the food you heat up inside the microwave.

  1. Soap Dispenser

Office cleaners often pay more attention to the toilet than to the soap dispenser. As a result, the toilet seat is cleaner. The number of truly dirty hands that touch that dispenser are overwhelming. Researchers from the University of Arizona found that more than a quarter of office dispensers are covered with fecal bacteria.

  1. Office Desk

The average office desk has half a million times more bacteria than a toilet seat. The dirt accumulating on the desk is rarely removed on a regular basis. It’s up to the office owner to include desk cleaning into the list of the janitor’s responsibilities.

  1. Keyboards

Another place, which is rarely cleaned, is a keyboard. People tend to eat near the keyboard, touch it with dirty fingers, and spill coffee on it. As a result, the bacteria get a comfortable place to reside. The same is true about the mouse. When you book a commercial window washing ny, don’t forget to arrange for full office cleaning as well. Windows are far from being the dirtiest place in your office even if you haven’t washed them in a while. The dirt on them is just more visible.

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