commercial window washing manhattan

Interesting Information About Pure Water Technology

September 30 2018
commercial window washing manhattan

Pure water technology is widely used for commercial window washing Manhattan and other areas. It employs purifier water (obtained by using a 5-stage water treatment system) and a water-fed pole to deal with numerous glass impurities. Such a method has many advantages. Let’s take a closer look.

  1. No Chemicals Used For Commercial Window Washing

No soap or chemicals are used for the process, making it highly environmentally friendly. As a cherry on top, the windows stay cleaner longer since the chemicals don’t form a sticky film over the glass. The sticky residue attracts dirt, making windows dirty faster thus forcing the property owner to clean them more often.

  1. High Reach Poles Reduce The Need for Height-Access Equipment

While a 60-foot pole doesn’t replace the majority of height access equipment, it puts the ladders out of work. Considering all the accidents and fatal outcomes, which happen because of window cleaning using a ladder, this benefit is pretty impressive. The pure water technology is safer, allowing you to enjoy squeaky-clean windows without risking your life. Commercial window cleaning in Manhattan may not benefit greatly from this technology, but suburbs are bound to enjoy it.

  1. Environmentally Friendly Pure Water

The 5-stage water purifying system uses osmosis to keep all the organic impurities out of the water. Meanwhile, deionization removes heavy metals and other contaminants. As a result, you get 100% pure liquid, which attracts the dirt on your windows, leaving them spotless. This technology also keeps the windows streak-free. The sterile state the windows are in after the washing process, allows them to prevent future contamination for a longer time than the conventional process of commercial window washing in New York. The lack of the soapy water and detergent in the window cleaning process keeps the pollutants from getting into the air and water.

  1. Cost-Efficiency

The pure water window cleaning doesn’t require as many tools and manpower as conventional window cleaning methods. Meanwhile, the water can be purified on site, eliminating the need to carry large tanks to different locations. Since the pure water commercial window washing keeps the dirt off your windows longer, you can save on ordering frequent cleaning sessionsю Overall, the pure water technology requires an initial investment (the 5-stage filtration system), which eventually results in a reasonable ROI. However, this technique is only suitable for buildings with a limited height.



commercial window washing manhattan

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