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4 Commercial Building Exterior Design Ideas

October 20 2018
commercial window cleaning nyc

When it comes to commercial buildings, exterior design can be highly important for the company’s success. In the past, the appearance of the new NY commercial building facades used to be similar. These days, business owners are trying to stand out from the crowd in order to attract more attention. The right approach to building exterior design is as important as regular commercial window cleaning NYC. The façade should always look its best thus showing how successful the business is, and how much the owner cares about it. We would like to share several simple exterior design ideas.

  1. Bold Colors

The easiest way to catch the attention of a client is to use bold colors. Bright shades look new and exciting. They make a statement, which says that the business is taking a stand. However, the building owner should be careful about mixing bold colors. Depending on the nature of the business, you may want to go easy on combining rich shades. One bold color standing out from lighter, pastel hues is a great idea. Rich red coupled with toxic yellow may be too much unless your business has something to do with children’s entertainment.

  1. Mixed Materials

You can achieve an eye-catching effect without using colors by taking advantage of different materials. The subtle color and style of any building can be highlighted with an unexpected material mix. Panels mixed with stone can create an exciting architectural style. Meanwhile, large windows make the building seem more inviting to the audience. In case you opt for numerous large windows, you need to keep their condition in mind. Commercial window cleaning NYC is necessary at least twice a year.

  1. Sleekness Works

Sleek and smooth designs are great for office buildings. The lack of decorations can give the building façade a certain character. However, making the building sleek doesn’t mean keeping it plain. You can opt for mixing metal and brick panels while making the balconies stand out with some special design.

  1. Sticking To Classics

If getting creative about the design is not preferable for your business or perhaps you aren’t ready for creativity, stick to the classics. Classic façade designs are great for restaurants and boutiques. If you want the classic design but still wish the building to stand out from the crowd, add one single decorative element. It will be enough to give the building a little zest.

commercial window cleaning nyc

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