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4 Ways To Improve Productivity In The Office

October 10 2018
commercial window cleaning new york

Many people spend more than a third of their lives in the office. The office environment is highly important to the overall worker productivity. Making it easier for the employees to do their job is often up to the building owner. Right now, we aren’t talking about Feng Shui. There are many proven methods to keep the office workers happy, focused, and highly productive. Some of them are easy to achieve. Let’s start with them.

  1. Office Fitness

The leading cause of numerous health problems office workers suffer from is their sedentary lifestyle. Some of them just don’t have the time or opportunity to go to the gym. If your office space allows, install fitness equipment. You only need a couple of such machines to stimulate the office workers to exercise before or after work. It only takes one person to start using the equipment. More will follow. As a result, you’ll have a healthier working environment. People will be ready to stay later to get their exercises or come earlier to do the same.

  1. More Light

Lighting is one of the most important factors affecting creativity and productivity in the office. The lack of light in the office building is a common problem. While office owners invest in more light sources, they often overlook windows. Even the largest window can’t provide sufficient light if it’s not cleaned on a regular basis. Arranging commercial window cleaning New Yorkis substantially cheaper and more energy efficient than investing in extra sources of light. Window cleaning should be done at least twice a year to have a due effect.

  1. Air Quality

You can’t see the air freshness. However, this factor greatly affects the work environment. According to OSHA, companies lose up to $15 billion every year due to poor air quality in the offices. This is especially true for big smoggy cities like New York. Investing in new air filters and ventilation cleaning is vital to the office workers’ health. The effect may not be obvious immediately. However, with time, the productivity is bound to increase. Commercial ventilation cleaning, just as commercial window cleaning New York should be done at least on a biannual basis.

  1. Office Food

Arranging meals in the office may be complicated, but it’s worth the effort. Depending on the funding, you could finance meal delivery for your workers or have them pay for it partially.  In any case, having a centralized lunch supply system can keep people fed with high-quality food. This can improve the productivity and the overall office environment.

commercial window cleaning new york

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