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Glass Balconies: Pros and Cons

August 15 2018
commercial window cleaning manhattan

When constructing a new commercial building or trying to renovate the existing one, many owners are thinking about balconies. There aren’t any doubts that such balconies and balustrades look amazing. However, there are a few disadvantages of opting for glass as well.

At Big Apple Commercial Window Cleaning Manhattan, we are experts at cleaning glass balconies. If you make this choice, we are always glad to help you enjoy it. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of glass balconies.

Advantages Of Glass Balconies

Consider these advantages when choosing the balcony materials.

  1. Illusion of Larger Space

Installing glass balconies can make your building look larger. It feels bigger than it really is because a human eye can’t pinpoint the boundary between inside and outside.

If you need your building to look more formidable, choose the glass without a doubt.

  1. Higher Value

Glass balconies are likely to increase the value of your property. They are expensive to install. Meanwhile, they give the building an appearance of luxury. These balconies can add thousands of dollars to the building’s value.

  1. Simple Solution

When you don’t know what type of balcony to opt for, choose glass. Glass doesn’t interfere with the perception of the surroundings. It doesn’t clash with the scenery and the majority of modern building designs.

  1. Durability

Contrary to the first impression, glass balconies are highly durable. In fact, glass is among the most durable materials for building balconies. The glass used for such projects is very thick and can last a lifetime.

Disadvantages of Glass Balconies

Glass balconies come with a few disadvantages.

  1. High Cost

As we mentioned earlier, glass balconies are costly. Steel and wrought iron can be much cheaper. So if you are on a tight budget, glass is not an option. If you have some room for maneuver, consider installing Plexiglas, which is moderately priced.

  1. Aesthetic Combination

Glass balconies don’t look perfect with all architectural styles. If you have an old building, glass won’t look suitable. However, an experienced designer may come up with an interesting solution anyway.

  1. Cleaning Difficulties

Depending on the location, the glass balconies can be difficult to clean, especially if you decide to do it on your own. Hiring professional window cleaners can solve the problem.


At Big Apple Commercial Window Cleaning Manhattan, we are always ready to help you with cleaning the glass balconies. We employ different height-access equipment to reach balconies regardless of their locat

commercial window cleaning manhattan

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