3 Reasons Why People Don’t Enter Your Store

January 03 2018
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It takes a lot of time and effort to set up a store. After making a huge investment, many store owners are frustrated with the lack of customers. Are the marketing efforts failing? Did you miss your competitor’s tricks? What went wrong and when?
It may come as a surprise but many people pass by the store just because “it doesn’t look inviting”. What are these “uninviting” reasons why people don’t open the door to your shop? Let’s take a look.
1. Lack Of Information on the Door Or Shop Windows
The lack of information is the most widespread reason for passing by a store. Most people are uneasy about entering a shop, store, boutique or restaurant without knowing what to expect inside.
Most of the time, they are afraid that they can’t afford it. Accordingly, listing some prices, and offering discounts can attract a client. If you offer certain services, list them on the storefront. No one wants to waste time entering a store that doesn’t have what they need.
2. The Store Workers Don’t Appear Busy Or Not Are In Sight
While annoying store associates have become proverbial, not having someone to talk to is bad as well. If a customer doesn’t see a smiling face inside the store, he or she might not want to enter. Empty shops look closed so a client might not even try to open the door. Having a few associates looking busy and at least one free is a great way to attract a customer.
3. Streaky Glass And Dirty Entrance
The way your store looks from the outside is the key to customer attraction. If your windows are dirty, streaky, and muddy, people subconsciously make a decision to pass the store by. In the rainy months, it’s often tough to maintain the glass. However, leaving it dirty can damage your profits and reputation.
Hiring a window cleaning company for regular maintenance can solve the problem. Meanwhile, you may want to have an employee do some touch ups during the day.
Many store owners don’t realize how small details affect their business. Take a stroll down the street where your shop is located. Does it stand out from the others?

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