Pros and Cons of Glass Doors for Your Business

January 08 2018
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When you are designing your store or office, you are facing a decision of how much glass to use. Glass doors and storefronts have become very popular in the past century. However, installing them has a few downsides. Before you take out your wallet and invest in a fully transparent store or office, read up on some important information.
Glass Doors Pros:
• You can place the best products on the storefront and attract the passing customers. Such a move can help them enter your store even if they weren’t planning to buy anything.
• You can hang advertising signs and banners inside the store to show discounts and promotions.
• You can use window decals to create a custom-designed banner or make holiday wishes depending on the season.
• You can save on energy bills during the cold season since the sunrays can heat up space.
• You can enjoy natural light to make the store’s ambience more inviting for the customers.
Glass doors are also easy to customize so you can stand out from the crowd without making large investments. They are also very easy to keep clean. All you have to do is hire a window cleaning company for regular maintenance.
Glass Doors Cons:
One of the biggest cons of installing a glass door is the same as its biggest pro. These doors offer too much visibility. Such openness may attract thieves, which can lead to damage and profit loss.
Glass doors must be installed properly in order to avoid gaps, squeaky operation, and shattering.
• Fingerprints on the doors need to be cleaned on a regular basis to keep the storefront attractive for the customers.
• If the store is located outside, strong winds and heavy snow may damage the doors.
• You have to invest in a high-quality glass in order to make sure it is hard to shatter.
Glass doors are a great way to boost profits but sometimes they can increase your expenses as well. Consider all the pros and cons to make the right choice.

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