How To Improve Your Building’s Curb Appeal

February 28 2018
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An ideal curb appeal is important to keeping your business profitable. Your potential customers form their first impression from the way your commercial building looks on the outside. Improving curb appeal can boost your profits. Thankfully, it’s very easy to make some changes without substantial expenses.
1. Pressure Washing
Precipitations, erosion, and age can make the walls of your building look old and downright dirty. An easy way out is to hire a company to do pressure washing. A good wash can make your building appear fresher and younger.
2. Landscape Lighting
People don’t visit the stores that look dark. Not too many clients are ready to dive into unknown. The more lights you add to your landscape, the brighter and more appealing your property will look. Well-lit buildings and premises are one of the keys to attracting customers.
3. Window Cleaning
Your freshly washed and well-lit building can lose all its appeal due to dirty windows. Keeping the windows and glass doors spotless is essential to improving the curb appeal. Besides scheduling seasonal cleanings, you need to hire people to do touch-ups.
4. Tree Trimming
Keeping trees and bushes trimmed adds extra points to the curb appeal of your property. The more greenery you have, the better. However, you need to make sure that it’s low enough so it doesn’t prevent your building from being visible. Overgrown and untidy trees look neglected and make a bad impression.
5. Adding Some Color
When the summer comes, rich green grass and beautiful flowers can make your property look outstanding. However, in the wintertime when the lush colors are gone, your premises may appear dull. Consider adding decorations, lights, and signs to boost the appeal.
6. Repainting and Cleanup
Fresh paint can do wonders for the way your property looks. Parking lot lines often need touchups. The storefront requires freshening up at least once a year.
Keeping the territory clean is vital. Overfilled garbage cans or flying debris can turn the clients away before they even come to the doorstep. commercial window cleaning companies manhattan.