Benefits of Professional Commercial Window Washing In The Spring

April 17 2018
commercial professional window washing
The spring is in full swing and you still haven’t ordered a commercial professional window washing session? You may be off the right track. Even if you know all about the commercial window-cleaning schedule, the spring session shouldn’t be overlooked. Many commercial property owners have a list of tough tasks planned for this spring. Some of them can end in a fiasco if the windows are dirty.
When it comes to keeping the building clean, making window washing the first priority in the spring is vital for the following reasons.
• Improving Curb Appeal – window and power washing is essential to attracting new clients this season and not losing the old ones.
• Letting the Sunshine Inside – allowing the sun to shine through the windows is the key to making your property look brighter, larger, and more appealing.
• Keeping the Building Clean – if you are planning an extensive spring cleaning, dirty windows can ruin the results.
• Saving Money on New Windows – Commercial property windows often suffer from the dirt and water much more than residential glass due to heavy building exploitation. Avoiding a spring cleaning can lead to glass replacement. Since glass is a porous material, dirt and contaminants stick and stay inside leading to degradation. Unless cleaned on a regular basis, glass needs to be replaced more often than you think.
Other Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Commercial Building
Even if you order commercial professional window washing for your building, you need to go through with other spring cleaning matters.
• Replacing the HVAC filter can improve the unit’s efficiency and the air quality.
• Dusting and reversing the ceiling fans can bring the cool air down rather than keeping it under the ceiling.
• Cleaning the floors, including the carpets (or removing the carpets for the warm season altogether) can keep the air less contaminated.
Spring is NYC can be very different each year. Thankfully, we usually have more sunshine than rain. Order commercial professional window washing today to enjoy the spring fully.

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