How Often Should You Need To Arrange Commercial Professional Window Cleaning?

March 30 2018
commercial professional window cleaning
Commercial property owners have to invest in commercial professional window cleaning on a regular basis. However, the most popular question we hear from these owners is “how often?” While there is a simple answer to this question for residential properties, commercial buildings are a bit more complicated. The best reply is “it depends”. What does it depend on?
Cleaning your commercial property windows doesn’t usually get top priority. However, forgetting to do it may lead to serious consequences. Dirty windows create a negative impression, which may be tough to reverse in the future.
What Does The Commercial Window Cleaning Schedule Depend On?
The below factors can give you an approximate idea of how often you should get the windows cleaned. If you are still at a loss, you can contact our experts at Big Apple Window Cleaning, who can draft a schedule for your property.
• Building location – if your windows are facing a busy street or a highway, you need frequent cleaning sessions.
• Surroundings – if you have old trees surrounding your building, you need frequent cleaning due to the sap splashing on your windows. Trees and bushes can provide various debris.
• Weather – if the season is overly rainy, you’ll need frequent cleaning sessions.
• Building design – the design of some buildings exposes windows to excessive dirt and debris.
What Is The Nature of Your Business?
The type of your business also affects the commercial window cleaning frequency:
• Restaurants, café, fast food venues – require biweekly cleaning due to the overwhelming amount of dirt and grease.
• Retail stores  – require monthly cleanings due to extensive traffic
• Office buildings – unless the building is facing a busy highway or the season is too rainy, you can schedule a cleaning twice a year.
Always check the way your building’s windows look from the outside and inside. Dirty glass can keep the customers from entering your store. Meanwhile, streaky windows can reduce the activity of office workers. Schedule a professional commercial window cleaning today.

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