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Can Dirty Windows Demotivate Your Crew?

June 15 2018
commercial pro window washing

How can dirty windows affect people in the office? Do you really need to book commercial pro window washing to boost the productivity? These questions often come to the minds of commercial property owners.
If you speak with office managers, they’ll most likely tell you that employees have to study their computer monitors instead of looking out the window. Meanwhile, it’s the “looking out the window”, which is highly important for the staff’s health.
Work-Related Stress And Clean Windows
Work-related stress is one of the biggest problems for office workers. An average person spends about 35% of his or her life at work. In a majority of cases, this 35% is spent solving tough tasks and worrying about the outcome. That’s why extensive research has been done to find out how to alleviate stress.
One of the ways to reduce work-related stress is to take breaks to enjoy nature. More often than not, people don’t have a chance to take a long walk in the park during their workday so they end up spending about an hour in the stress-free zones. Such zones usually have large windows to help workers enjoy the sunshine. If you fail to wash these windows, the effect is greatly reduced.
Clean Windows And Productivity
Looking out of the office window is often one of the quickest stress-relievers when you are pressed for time. If all the workers see when they lift their head is streaks and dirt, the stress relief won’t be achieved.
Meanwhile, this dirt causes a lack of natural light. Human brain requires natural light and sunshine to function properly. If office workers use artificial lighting all day, some of them may get headaches.
Artificial light, work-related stress and a dirty environment can lead to many unpleasant problems, such as chronic health conditions. While the researchers are working out ideal ways to fight stress and improve the employee productivity, it’s up to the office owners to hire commercial pro window washing specialists.
Clean windows can make a huge difference in the workers’ mood. Meanwhile, they can help you save money on energy bills. Keeping your commercial property clean is a sign that you care about your employees. This type of care helps create a pleasant environment in the workplace. Eventually, such an approach results in a productivity boost, thus giving you an excellent return on investment.

commercial pro window washing Dirty Windows Demotivate

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