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Cleaning Window Screens The Right Way

August 30 2018
commercial pro window washing new york

Window screens are an integral part of any window. Be it a store or an office, your window screens serve an important purpose of keeping the insects and debris out to ensure a pleasant working environment.

Unfortunately, dirt and debris get stuck to the window screen, especially when the windows are facing a busy street. Dirty screens lead to dirty glass. As soon as it rains, the water splashes on the dirty screen and settles on your windows. That’s why cleaning window screens is important.

Whether you are planning to hire a professional window cleaner or do the job on your own, always clean the screens first. In fact, you may want to clean the screens more often than you do windows.

At Big Apple Window Cleaning (commercial pro window washing new york), we recommend cleaning your screens at least once every two months. Below we share the simple washing steps.

  1. Find The Right Tools

Before removing the screen, find the right tools. You need a large basin of water or a tub to submerge the screen. Then you need to acquire a soft brush, a garden hose, and a detergent. Dish soap will do too.

Choose a place to wash your screens. The best option is the yard.

  1. Wash The Screen

Remove the screen from the window carefully. It may be so dirty and dusty that the debris will be all over the floor. Submerge the window screen into the basin and start scrubbing it gently.

Make sure you don’t use a harsh brush. Screens are delicate. If the screen is very dirty, you may want to add some dish soap to the water. Keep brushing in both directions on both sides of the screen.

  1. Dry The Screen

The best way to dry the window screen is to choose a nice and sunny day and leave it in the yard. Of course, this isn’t always possible. You can leave it in anywhere there is fresh air access. Don’t install the screen back until it’s fully dry. Otherwise, it will become dirty much faster. Dust sticks to the wet screens very quickly.

If you need to dry the screens as fast as possible, take a towel and pat them dry.

At Big Apple Window Cleaning, we can help you wash your window screens. Let us know if such a service is required when booking a commercial pro window washing new york.




commercial pro window washing new york

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