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Do You Need To Clean Solar Panels?

June 01 2018
commercial pro window cleaning

Many people believe that commercial pro window cleaning is necessary. However, the same commercial property owners think that solar panels don’t need their attention. Meanwhile, solar panels require special care from the moment you install them. In fact, you’ll probably see their best performance the day you use them for the first time.
The reason why solar panels lose their efficiency down the road is dirt. Just like windows, solar panels are exposed to a variety of weather elements as well as other contaminants produced by the exhaust. Dust and dirt settle on the solar panels and block the sunlight, thus reducing the efficiency of the panels and hurting your savings.
You may think that cleaning solar panels on your own is simple since they don’t need to be as streak-free as the glass. However, climbing the roof is a dangerous task. Meanwhile, the absence of experience and special knowledge may render your efforts useless. The best solution is to hire a professional solar panel cleaner.
Thankfully, solar panels, which are installed at an angle don’t require frequent cleaning. Rain is a natural solar panel cleaner so you don’t have to worry about seasonal cleanings. It’s sufficient to wash the panels once a year.
However, when it comes to flat panels, you are out of luck. Rain can’t do a proper job washing the grime away from the panels. They will accumulate pools of water, which don’t have a place to go. With time, leaves, branches, and other dirt will fall into these pools cause the panel to stop doing its job. So if you have flat solar panels, consider cleaning them at least once in 6 months.
Installing solar panels isn’t a cheap endeavor. However, they save formidable amounts of money in the long run. New York is one of the best states for using solar energy. The electricity costs are among some of the highest in the USA. Meanwhile, your business can enjoy some tax incentives for going solar. Eventually, even if you factor the professional solar panel cleaning into the cost, you can see that these panels are worth the investment.
Whenever you hear someone say that cleaning solar panels is unnecessary, you are probably talking to someone, who hasn’t owned them long enough. Whenever you are ordering a commercial pro window cleaning, consider booking a solar panel cleaning session as well.

commercial pro window cleaning clean solar panels

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