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All About Hard Water Stains

July 18 2018
commercial pro window cleaning ny

Hard water stains have become a big problem for store owners, whose storefront has a lawn with sprinklers in front of it. Hard water causes white and brown spots, which eventually corrode the glass and lead to storefront replacement.

Preventing hard water stains is impossible since the quality of water is not under your control. However, you can fight them using several techniques. Today, we’ll discuss hard water stains and why they should be removed on a regular basis.

What Is Hard Water?

High mineral levels in the tap water cause water stains. The so-called hard water contains a high concentration of minerals, which in NY are usually magnesium and calcium. Water is a solvent, which easily catches all the impurities. While going through the ground, it takes the minerals with it and brings them to the water processing facilities.

The degree of water hardness is determined by the mineral and trace elements content.

If the water stains are not removed timely, the water permeates the surface, making it almost impossible to remove. In some neglected cases, cleaning is futile, and storeowners end up replacing the glass.

What Problems Does Hard Water Cause?

Hard water is not bad for drinking. However, it can ruin a variety of surfaces, including glass. Hard water creates stains, which are usually white. However, the color may differ depending on the minerals it contains. For example, water with iron content causes brown stains.

When the water hits the glass, nothing seems to be happening. However, when the moisture evaporates, the minerals stay in place, creating unpleasant-looking residue. Hard water stains appear on all types of surfaces. However, they are best visible on the glass and stainless steel.

Why Are Hard Water Stains Hard To Clean?

The minerals, which come from water, don’t just look bad, they interfere with cleaning products, making it hard to eliminate the problem. Low-quality window cleaning solutions have no chances against the hard water stains.

When you try to clean the glass with low-quality solutions, more sediment and debris may form on your windows.

Hard water stains must be removed on a regular basis. Otherwise, the minerals can ruin the surface. Only high-quality cleaning solutions specifically created for hard water stains must be used to remove them.

commercial pro window cleaning ny

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