Assessing The Window Cleaning Hazards On Site

May 23 2019
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Window cleaner is one of the most dangerous occupations in the United States. Window cleaning projects are especially difficult in such cities as New York, where high-rise building are common. Experts at professional window cleaning NYC follow a certain set of rules in order to stay as safe as possible regardless of the building’s height. While all respectable window washing companies have excellent insurance and a set of safety equipment, the human factor is especially important. That’s why all window washers get special training. Part of it is the right approach to risk assessment. The below steps can help you understand how many things need to be considered for professional window cleaning NYC.

  1. Bad Weather

Weather is something window washers can’t control. So even if you book a window cleaning for a certain date and time, be ready to hear about a cancellation if the weather worsens. Extreme temperatures, strong winds, and inclement conditions are a hazard to a window cleaning team. In NYC, the most common hazard is strong winds since the temperatures are rarely severe.

  1. Dangerous Chemicals

Window washing sometimes requires using a variety of chemicals to deal with tough spots on commercial building windows. It’s important for the window cleaning team to evaluate the hazard these chemicals may pose to their skin, eyes, and respiratory system and wear appropriate PPE.

  1. Falls From Heights

If the working surface is higher than four feet, it poses a hazard to the window cleaner unless equipped with guardrails or other safety means. When working on elevated surfaces, all window cleaners must have proper safety gear. Even if the team is using BMUs or aerial lifts, safety gear is still a must-have. All workers must be taught how to act to prevent falls from heights.

  1. Ladders

Using ladders leads to a formidable number of accidents for window cleaners. When it seems that the height is insignificant, many workers start acting carelessly. It’s important to check the ladder for stability before use.

  1. Electricity

Power lines often become the reason for accidents with window cleaners. Workers forget to look around the site, searching for electrical hazards. It’s import to keep clear of power lines. If the weather is windy, the cleaners need to be ready for the power lines to change the location.

  1. Other Workers

Window cleaners often work in teams. It’s important to keep the other team members in mind when doing the job. One window washer may undermine the safety of another team member by mistake.

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