Temporary Scaffolding

Temporary Scaffolding

TSS is by far one of the most expensive height access methods for window cleaning. It requires not only erection of pedestrian protection bridge around the building, which is expensive by itself, but also rigger’s service for installation of roof rig and its re-setup for each drop. This method is very rarely used for window cleaning due to its complexity, cost, liability and possible roof waterproofing damages.

It’s not as productive, versatile and easy to use as a BMU, but does provide safe and 100% legal access to most, if not all areas of a building’s façade. Use of DDS also requires work crew familiarization with equipment and carries maintenance costs.


100% legal method of access for high rise buildings if all rigging is done according to the DOB approved plan by qualified and certified riggers.

Since a system must be set up for each drop – building management can easily control the work progress.


  • As mentioned above, most of the time, the use of TSS for window cleaning is not economically feasible.
  • Pedestrian protection bridge is required around the building.
  • Roof waterproof membrane might be damaged in the process of rigging.
  • Roof rig must be moved by qualified rigger for each drop. Extra cost.
  • Certified rigger must be present on a roof each day to inspect the roof rig set up (add $1,100-1,200 per day for the project duration)
  • Since time is needed for system set up for each drop, productivity of crew working from TSS is lower compared to the productivity from BMU, RDS or aerial lifts, hence higher in cost. In addition, work crew access is limited to one drop surface area during the drop.

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Temporary scaffolding is one of the widely used height access methods for NY buildings. Even though commercial window washing New York can be arranged by using other options, many companies still prefer temporary scaffolding. This 100% legal method is time-consuming and often costly. It involves long installation of the scaffolding itself and the pedestrian protection roof as well. At Big Apple Window Read more...
Cleaning, we strive to keep all our clients happy with our work. Since commercial window washing New York isn’t an easy task, especially when it comes to the large properties, the right choice of height access method is vital. We take advantage of BMUs when available. If such equipment isn’t installed on your building, we make a thorough inspection to find out which one of the options suits your project the best. In the majority of cases, rope descent systems help us reach the hardest spots on commercial buildings. We also work with aerial lifts, which simplify our window cleaning and façade repair tasks. Aerial lifts and platforms are designed to make our work safer as well. Even though at Big Apple Window Cleaning, we have extensive insurance, safety always comes first. We choose the height access methods while keeping the safety of our workers in mind. Temporary scaffolding is a safe method, but it requires too much investment. Our effort to do our job as fast as possible is negated by the time it takes to set up the scaffolding and the pedestrian protection bridge. When it comes to aerial platforms, numerous nuances exist as well. However, their operation is fast and safe. Which is exactly what we need to provide excellent results for our clients. If we can avoid using a height access method by accessing your windows from the inside, we will do it. It can cut our work time without hindering the results. We discuss our height access methods with our clients prior to starting our work. If you have any questions about the way our work is done, we will gladly answer them as soon as possible. Use the contact form on the website at any time or give us a call during business hours. commercial window washing new york. Less..

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