Davits & Scaffolding

Davits & Scaffolding

DSS is an affordable access method alternative to BMU. It’s not as productive, versatile and easy to use as BMU, but does provide safe and 100% legal access to most, if not all areas of a building’s façade. The use of a DSS also requires work crew familiarization with equipment and carries maintenance costs.


100% legal method of access for high rise buildings

Since a system must be set up for each drop – building management can easily control the work progress.


  • Since time is needed for system set up for each drop, productivity of crews working from DSS is lower compared to productivity from BMU, RDS or aerial lifts, hence the system is higher in cost. In addition, work crew access is limited to one drop surface area during the drop.
  • Upfront investment costs are significantly lower than for a BMU, but still are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars range.
  • DSS must be inspected and re-certified every year. Cost $10,000-20,000.
  • Mandatory cable replacement (used or unused) every 2 years. Cost $10,000-20,000.
  • DSS breaks from time to time and needs repairs. Service call for inspection and repairs are quite expensive.
  • Building owner and manager carries full liability for safety of work crews that work from the DSS.

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