Aerial Lifts


Aerial lifts have been around for decades. Self-propelled lifts dominate the American market and it’s hard to imagine any construction project without these robust machines.

On the contrary, for daily maintenance or small projects, self-propelled lifts are not very convenient since they must be delivered to the job site and picked up by a carrier. They are easy to operate, but for this reason are quite basic and have limited performance abilities.


Truck mounts top the lifts list for one reason – top performance. These top-of-the-line fully automated 21st century engineering marvels are designed with one and only goal – to outperform all other lifts:

  • reach further
  • lift more people
  • provide more space in the cage
  • provide the sturdiest feeling in the cage
  • provide the most cage options (12V, 110V, 220V, hydraulic tool outlet, air/water line, etc.)
  • smoothest and the safest in the industry

Mounted on standard truck chassis, these lifts are mobile and can easily move between different projects/locations during the same day. They must be operated by highly qualified and certified driver-operators. For more details please follow the link.

Extreme access lifts are called so because they are designed to be extra compact and can get to the tiniest spaces where no other lift can get. They are very light built, to be able to travel over delicate surfaces and usually dual powered: gas/diesel and electric.

New generation spiders are often supplied with lithium ion battery that lasts up to 6 hours of autonomous work. Spider lifts are usually mounted on light tracks and can squeeze inside the building through a single or double door, go on steep slopes or even stairs. Tracks are made of white rubber so the lift doesn’t leave any marks on the floor. Being light built, spider lifts usually have small 1-2 people cages.

Proper training is needed to drive, set up and safely operate extreme lifts. They must be delivered to the job site on a trailer or self-picked up from a rental location. For more details please follow the link.

These lifts are the bread and butter of lift rental industry around the globe. No construction project is imaginable without these versatile and robust machines. Their outreach and functionality are quite limited, but they are inexpensive and easy to use. They also must be delivered to and picked up from the job site by a tractor-trailer.


It’s not a pipe scaffold where half a dozen people are just hanging around wasting their work time. With aerial lifts, once a work crew gets in our 12’ basket – the game is on. There is nowhere to go or hide. All our lifts 150’ and higher have 12V, 110V, 220V outlets in the cage, a hydraulic tool connector, and a 2000 psi air/water line in the cage. All workmen can do in the cage – is just work.

A drop scaffold, limits the crew’s work area to the width of the scaffold and usually it is limited to one drop per day. Our lifts can reach up to 130’ in each direction, so the entire façade is accessible from one lift set up location.

Our truck mounted aerial platforms are often called the Rolls Royce of lifts for their safety, smoothness and sturdy feeling.

No preparation is needed from your side. We will do it all. We don’t need any assistance or supervision from the building staff. Our service is all inclusive.

No part of building is used for access: no roof use, no rigging, no building equipment is needed, no work crew walking through the building to get to the roof – hence no liability to the building owner or management.

No set up or dismantling cost like for temporarily hanging or pipe scaffolding.

No time is wasted for installation and preparation for work, in contrast to temporary scaffold or pipe scaffold. The lift is ready for work in 15 minutes after delivery.

Our professional certified operators will control the lift at all times.

We have daily and weekly rates only. You can plan your budget upfront.


With productive work heights of up to 300’, our truck mounted lifts are a great alternative to RDS or expensive scaffolding for low-rise (up to 12 story) and mid-rise (12 to 30 story) buildings in NYC. Big Apple Window Cleaning offers legal and affordable solutions to all buildings with no permanent davit’s system or BMU installed on the roof.

Considering the new regulations that OSHA published on November 17, 2016 which became effective on January 20, 2017, Big Apple Window Cleaning offers an alternative to rope descent system (RDS) and any hanging scaffolding – window cleaning from our truck mounted lifts. Buildings of up to 300’ height can be cleaned efficiently and safely in full compliance with OSHA without investment into roof infrastructure. Please call us at 212-706-6078 and schedule your free building evaluation.

Not sure which solution fits your needs? Please give us a call and our representatives will consult you to best serve your needs!

Commercial window washing NYC requires choosing a proper method of height access. One of these widely used methods is aerial lifts. Aerial lifts are easy to operate. They provide impressive safety to the workers. This height access method is also very convenient. It allows the workers to bring the necessary equipment with them without having to hang it on the belt, as in the case with rope descent Read more...
systems. The downside of choosing an aerial lift for commercial window washing NYC is the time it takes to make arrangements. The equipment needs to be delivered to the work site and installed. After the job is completed, it has to be delivered back to the storage. At Big Apple Window Cleaning, we work with all types of aerial platforms and can help arrange delivery to the work site if needed. Since many of these lifts have wheels, they can be easily moved around the building or to another location throughout the day. Even though the cost of using these lifts is higher than, for example, rope descent systems, they are highly flexible.These lifts are easy to operate, which is one of the reasons why their functionality is limited. Even though the equipment is simple, it offers window cleaners many options when it comes to reaching heights. We use aerial lifts to complete the toughest window washing and façade repair projects. Lifts offer an impressive efficiency, reaching up and around the building. As opposed to scaffolding, such an approach can save plenty of time while keeping the workers comfortable and safe. One of the best parts about using this height access method is that we don’t need to use any part of the building for access thus making the liability to the building management non-existent. All our team members know how to work with this equipment in the most efficient manner. When you book a cleaning, we kindly ask you to describe your building in detail in order to understand what type of height access method we need to prepare. In some cases, we need to make a preliminary inspection of the property to get an idea of what is required for quick and safe window cleaning. Less..

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