5 Important Storefront Maintenance Tips

May 23 2019
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Storefront is the “face” of your store. Taking care of it on a regular basis is vital to keeping the customers coming. Unfortunately, some storeowners close their eyes on daily storefront maintenance, believing that weekly or monthly touchups are sufficient.

Such an approach makes the profits suffer. For storeowners, who aren’t always on site to check the storefront, we have made a list of important storefront maintenance tips.

  1. Become The Customer

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and so is the storefront. What you see from the inside is different from how your store looks from the outside. Have one of your employees take a long walk along the storefront trying to find imperfections that need rectifying.

Pay unexpected visits to your store to check out the way the storefront looks in order to make changes to the maintenance schedule if needed.

  1. Ask For Professional Opinion

People tend to develop tunnel vision when it comes to something they see every day. In order to get a fresh look at the storefront, hire a professional. A consultant can point your attention to the things that may need to be improved and the maintenance the storefront may be lacking.

  1. Book Regular Window Washing Services

Storefronts with elements of glass require special care. Dirty glass turns customers away. The overall positive impression of your store can go out the door when someone sees streaks and smudges.

Hiring professional window washing services can deal with the problem. While you can ask the employees to do daily touchups, a thorough window cleaning is necessary on at least a quarterly basis.

  1. Look At The Competition

When making changes to your storefront, consider looking at what your competitors have done. Besides helping you evaluate your efforts, the competition’s storefront can inspire you to create something special.

Keeping your storefront clean and shiny can help you outdo the competition. The first impression is highly important. Make sure to make it better than your competitors do.

  1. Use The Right Cleaning Products

If you start touching up your storefront with strong-scented chemicals, you are bound to lose a bunch of customers on the spot while endangering the health of your employees. Consider investing in safe and eco-friendly cleaning products.

Overall, keeping the storefront clean and attractive is not that time-consuming. All you have to do is set-up a proper maintenance schedule and find the right people to do the job.

How To Attract More Customers To Your Store

You may offer the highest quality goods, have the most experienced employees, and set up the best deals. But if you don’t come up with a special approach, the clients may pass you by. While your marketing team is working on perfecting the campaign, you can take advantage of the below tips to boost the number of visitors.

  1. Make A Special Holiday

Everyone has sales on Christmas so it’s often hard to compete with the nearby retail giants. But what about making your own holiday? For example, January 15 seems like an excellent time to make a store’s birthday. Just make sure you choose a date, which is free from any other holidays.

On your own special holiday, you can offer deals when nobody else does, thus outdoing the competition and attracting new customers.

  1. Use Special Techniques

Your store has to be designed to make the most sales possible. This involves certain approach to lighting, product arrangement, shelf design, and much more.

Forty years ago, storeowners limited themselves to keeping the products tidy. These days, you can take advantage of psychological techniques to optimize your store layout and help boost your sales.

  1. Hire A Window Cleaner

Your windows and glass storefront must be impeccably clean. Otherwise, it’s likely that the rest of your techniques won’t work. Hiring a professional window cleaner can help make your store look shiny and attractive.

Streaky windows and storefronts make a terrible first impression, thus reducing the customer’s wish to come in.

  1. Make The Shop Kid-Friendly

Children often don’t allow their parents to spend as much time in the store as they would like, thus reducing the money they spend there. By making a store kid-friendly, you can substantially increase your profits.

A simple table and chair set with books, crayons, and toys can keep a child busy while parents are shopping. Adding a TV with popular cartoons can guarantee success.

  1. Use Music

Music inside the store is rather common these days. But what about music outside? Taking the right approach to music selection is highly important for customer attraction. The right music at the door doesn’t just encourage customers to enter your store, it can make them spend more money.

Just make sure you are doing everything legally. In order to play the music in a shop, you may need to buy a license.

To keep the customers coming, you need to make improvements on a regular basis. New techniques and approaches are being discovered every day. Keep up with the trends!

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