3 Simple Reasons Why You Should Wash Your Windows This Spring

May 23 2019
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Spring is around the corner and window washing companies are readily offering good deals. However, a discount is not the only reason why you should be washing your windows this spring.

If your commercial property requires biannual cleanings, consider scheduling them for fall or spring. The benefits of keeping glass sparkling clean in the spring are numerous. Let’s look at a few.


  1. Say Farewell To Winter Weather

Spring mean no more shoveling snow or burning electricity on dark evenings. While the weather is improving, some winter stuff is left behind on your windows. Late fall leaves, winter storms, early spring rains leave their footprints on your glass. The grime settles on the windows and windowsill causing glass damage.

Hiring one of the local window washing companies to remove the dirt from your windows doesn’t just improve the overall appearance of your property, it ensures the longevity of your glass.

It’s impossible to enjoy spring and summer in full while your windows are covered with winter residue. Since windows usually don’t get too dirty in the spring, you can enjoy clean glass well into the summer.

  1. Bugs and Pollen

Spring is an excellent time to watch the flowers beginning to bloom. Bugs are starting to wake up. Birds are coming out of hiding. Pollen is flying in the air. All of the above are your glass’s worst enemies.

Bugs and pests are readily looking for cracks in your window frames. Pollen settles on the glass outside and inside when you open your windows. Birds are leaving their “gifts” on the windowsills.

While window cleaning takes care of keeping the glass in its top shape, a professional window cleaner can check for damages. Timely discovery of window problems in the spring can save you formidable amounts of money in the summer when the air conditioner season is in full swing.

  1. Improving The Work Process

Enjoying the view outside the windows in the spring is especially rewarding for workers and employees. So making sure that the windows are clean can improve the output for offices and retail stores.

Natural sunlight is the key to happy and healthy workers and tenants. It can lift the mood and improve the work pace.

Meanwhile, clean glass can help you continue cutting energy bills since the spring sunshine can warm up large properties before the weather becomes warm.

Spring window cleaning is one of the essential parts of building maintenance. Don’t miss it.

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