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Regardless of the work complexity, we provide perfectly clean windows!

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Who we are

  • We work with 2300+ buildings

    We are trusted by many buildings, with many we have been working for more than one year in a row.

  • 15 years experience

    “Dream big. Start small. Move fast!” That’s our story. We started with a bucket and a squeegee as a small residential window cleaning company back in 2006. By focusing on customer experience and safety, the company quickly became a market leader for top notch residential work. In 2008, a small commercial and high-rise division was formed with a similar focus on customer experience and safety.

  • Up to $11,000,000 insurance

    We are one of the commercial window cleaning companies in New York that has an $11,000,000 insurance policy. This is important!

Our services

  • Metal and facade cleaning


    Special cleaning and restoration service. The purpose of cleaning — removal of oxidation / mineral buildups from the facade surface.

  • Regular / Maintenance

    1 ‐ 3 TIMES PER YEAR

    Annual, twice per year or quarterly window cleaning service. The purpose of cleaning — light dirt removal.

  • Glass restoration


    Restoration service. The purpose of service — hard water stains / oxidation / mineral buildup/ scratches removal.

  • Post construction

    Special service. The purpose of cleaning — construction or aged dirt / residue removal from the windows.

  • Caulking services


    We will assess your building, look around every window, and if we find anything, take pictures before and after and recaulk/reseal that spot. Also, we can take photos and videos of an entire drop, and it could be used to determine façade integrity and scope of work for FISP repairs. Caulking can be a small job with tremendous results.

  • Initial

    The purpose of cleaning — heavy or aged dirt removal. First / Initial cleaning in Maintenance Cycle.

Our partners

  • We only use the best equipment on the market

    We continuously invest in equipment because our specialists, commitments, and the company's reputation depend on this.

  • High standards

    Safety is crucial when it comes to cleaning windows. Therefore, we at Big Apple Window Cleaning strictly follow the safety standards of the lnternational Window Cleaning Association and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

People most often note these qualities:

  • Customer relationship
  • Punctuality
  • Quality
  • Speed
  • Professionalism

We appreciate ANY feedback.
It helps us make service even better.


  • Bethamie Horowitz

    I've used the company for about 4 years. They come twice a year. Excellent service! and lovely employees. I can't recommend it more highly.

  • Brian Ramnath

    Excellent job. The guys were quick and efficient and neat. Will use again!

  • Jenniffer Bonilla

    Excellent service and they did a great job with my company windows, I will recommend their services.

  • Mikki Halpin

    It’s like living in a new apartment!!!! Everything sparkles, and the cleaners were so careful and gentle with my stuff (even my cat). I don’t know why I didn’t do this years ago. So happy.

  • Judy Mclean

    Just called this morning and they were able to fit me in this afternoon. Great customer service and notification of the arrival of my technician. A very thorough and professional job.


Reliable Professionals

We do not hire people with previous experience in cleaning windows because we train everyone from scratch. Despite spending much time and effort training our specialists, we are really proud of our team which you саn trust.

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  • Alexander

    3 years experience
    OSHA 30

  • Paul

    8 years experience
    OSHA 30

  • Dmitri

    5 years experience
    OSHA 30

  • Andre

    10 years experience
    OSHA 30

  • Andrii

    3 years experience
    OSHA 30

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Our access methods

  • Aerial lifts

    Aerial lifts have been around for decades. Self-propelled lifts dominate the American market, and it’s hard to imagine any construction project without these robust machines. On the contrary, for daily maintenance or small projects, self-propelled lifts are not very convenient since they must be delivered to the job site and picked up by a carrier. They are easy to operate but have limited performance abilities.

  • Water fed pole

    WFP (water fed pole) system uses normal tap water to produce mineral-free water through a de-ionization process. It can be used to clean up to 4 stories, safely from the ground. With this, no chemicals are needed, meaning that no sticky residue is left behind to attract dust and dirt. This leaves your windows cleaner and clean longer!

  • Rope access

    Professional Rope Access (PRA) and Rope Descent System (RDS) are probably the oldest height access methods. Developed by professional climbers, RA allows professionals to quickly and safely reach any areas of any structure or building façade. Generally, a two-rope system is employed: a work line supports the worker and the safety line provides back-up fall protection.

  • Building maintenance unit

    A building maintenance unit (BMU) is a remote-controlled, or mechanical device, usually installed and suspended from the roof, which moves along the surface of a structure while carrying window cleaners.

  • From inside of the premises

    Certain buildings and windows are designed to be done from the inside of the apartments. Safety measures like doorstoppers, window cleaning hooks, etc. are used to help window cleaners when Clients do not want any exterior work, or it’s more cost-effective. Our Residential Department has an outstanding record and experience justified by 500+ google reviews and counting.

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    Building name The Lucida Condominium
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    Level of difficulty Average
    Building name 551 West 21 st Condominium
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