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Perfectly clean windows are the result we provide regardless of work complexity! All you need to do is to contact us, and what we will do is everything else. Cleaning windows is hard work that requires special equipment, experience, and efforts, but we love doing that! If you don’t, then you need us! We clean glass and bring clarity to peoples lives.

our services

  • regular wash

    Annual, twice a year, or quarterly window cleaning service available for the purpose of cleaning maintenance of the glass and facades.

  • post construction wash

    A special window cleaning service. The purpose of cleaning is to remove the dirt/debris that accrues after construction is done.

  • glass restoration

    A special window cleaning and restoration service. The purpose of this type of washing is to remove oxidation, hard water stains, & calcium build-ups.

  • initial wash

    Occasional/on-call/new client window cleaning service. The purpose of this type of cleaning is to remove heavy &/or aged dirt.

  • metal and facade cleaning

    Special cleaning and restoration service. The purpose of cleaning — removal of oxidation /mineral buildups and restoration of the facade surface.

  • solar panels

    If you can see a thick film accumulated on your panels or notice a drop in efficiency, it might be time for awash.

  • pressure wash

    Is the use of high-pressure water spray to remove loose paint, mold, grime, dust, mud, chewing gum and dirt from surfaces and objects such as buildings, vehicles and concrete surfaces.

  • caulking services

    We will assess your building, look around every window, and if we find anything, take pictures before and after and recaulk/reseal that spot. Also, we can take photos and videos of an entire drop, and it could be used to determine façade integrity and scope of work for FISP repairs. Caulking can be a small job with tremendous results.




big efforts

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Customer experience
  • Growth

access methods

water fed pole

A pole system consists of a telescopic pole with a brush or several brushes attached to it. It is used for accessing the heights of up to seventy feet. Pure water is pumped up through poles, which allows scrubbing and rinsing away any type of dirt and grime on windows.


aerial lifts

Such lifts are easy to operate and reach various heights. They come in different types, and we use truck-mounted lifts that can easily move between different projects or locations. Our lifts are operated only by certified driver-operators.


rope acces/rds

Professional Rope Access (PRA) and Rope Descent System (RDS) allows professionals to quickly and safely reach even the most difficult areas of any structure or building façade. Generally, a two-rope system is employed: a work line supports the worker and the safety line provides back-up fall protection.



A building maintenance unit (BMU) is a remote-controlled, or mechanical device, usually installed and suspended from the roof, whicj moves along the surface of a structure while carrying window cleaners.



Certain buildings and windows are designed to be done from the inside of the apartments. Safety measures like doorstoppers, window cleaning hooks, etc. are used to help window cleaners when Clients do not want any exterior work, or it’s more cost-effective. Our Residential Department has an outstanding record and experience justified by 500+ google reviews and countin




Safety is where it all started. With our truck
mounted platforms, we brought safety to a whole
new level and created a new industry standard.


Innovation is in our DNA. We’re always trying to improve and find new ways to deliver. We relentlessly invest in the development of our members on a personal and professional level. Our goal is to create quality employees through great leadership to provide our customers the best service possible.


We love what we do and we’re always aiming to become better. Customer experience is one of our teams main focuses. The better we are, the better your service will be. Working on big projects together is all about communication, teamwork, and making sure that everyone is on the same page.


When it comes to safety, technology, and innovation, we are the industry standard. There’s no one like us. The others are following our lead.


Windows are the main element of any building, and well-groomed, clean windows are an indicator of good taste, status. It is necessary to wash windows not only in residential, but also in office and other buildings. This will provide an excellent penetration of natural light into the room, a presentable appearance of the building. Today, window cleaning service is very popular in metropolitan areas, where not only the walls, but also the windows settle soot, exhaust fumes, dust, there are traces of rain. The dirty facade has a repulsive appearance, and in addition, the untimely removal of contaminants leads to its destruction.

Washing windows, especially high-rise buildings, is a complicated and time-consuming process. It can not be performed by a person who does not have special training, equipment. Cleaning, as well as window washing is performed by many cleaning companies. But one of the best services on the market is BIG APPLE. For many years we have been specializing in washing windows in nyc, providing quality window cleaning services, as well as reasonable prices for all types of services.

BIG APPLE window cleaning company is a reliable partner. Our team consists of qualified professionals with practical experience in window cleaners of high rise for business as well as for living spaces. Everyone working for us at the window washer is a professional in his or her business, in the development of which (personal, professional) we invest on a permanent basis. We will provide perfectly clean windows regardless of the complexity of the work.

Why are we

In our work, we primarily focus on the client. We are the only glass cleaning company on the market, whose main focus is window cleaning professionals. If you need to wash windows, all you have to do is call us.

You can order exterior window cleaning services in low-rise buildings (from 5 to 12 floors), medium height (from 12 to 30 floors) from us, because this is our main specialization. But despite this, we will also perform tall building commercial window cleaning. Various factors influence the cost of window cleaning – the complexity of work, the number of floors in the building, many others. We are the only company that offers profitable pricing for window cleaning not only in New York, but also in such big cities as Brooklyn, Long Island, Bronx, Manhattan.
Our arsenal of the best modern technology to facilitate local building window cleaning. During work, we use truck-mounted airlifts and crawlers – spiders that are 92 to 300 feet tall.

Our services

When window cleaning is needed, our company will help by removing all kinds of contaminants. We perform all works promptly, and window cleaning charges will be symbolic, with high quality of works. The complex of our services includes:

  • regular cleaning of windows (once a year, twice a year, quarterly cleaning of glass and facades);
  • removal of dirt and debris from glasses after construction work;
  • periodic glass cleaning or on demand (removal of heavy, aged dirt);
  • cleaning and restoration (during this procedure, mineral and oxide deposits are removed and the facade surface is restored);
  • professional washing of solar panels (necessary to remove the film from the surface of the panels, which leads to reduced efficiency).

Besides washing windows, we also perform their restoration. Oxidation, hard water stains and calcium deposits are removed during the work. To gently remove peeled paint, dust, dirt, soot, mold, chewing gum residues from the walls of buildings and concrete surfaces, water is sprayed under high pressure. We also perform insulation of windows.

We are the best contractors, whose services are used by a huge number of satisfied customers. On the website of our company you can find out the cost of window cleaning per hour, read the reviews of our clients, a full list of services.

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